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22 People Who Should Stay Away From The Beach For A While

It's not for everyone.

1. This retired skimborder who was looking for one last ride.

2. This girl and her very practical footwear.

3. This dude who ruined a stranger's nap.

4. This poor sap who DEFINITELY dropped the ring.

5. This guy who needed a higher SPF level.

6. These guys and their traumatized dog.

7. Anyone who used this hole.

8. This acrobat.

9. This guy who mistimed the wave.

10. This family who didn't know how sand works.

11. This parkour dude trying to impress the ladies...

12. This kid who stuck the landing.

13. This future owner of a bus pass.

14. This couple who got punked by a rogue wave.

15. This girl who JUST missed the water.

16. This former boogie boarder.

17. This poor ice cream lover.

18. This guy who'll never go parasailing again.

19. This extreme dude.

20. This guy who thought Crocs were a good idea.

21. Whoever thought this cat was enjoying itself.

22. This lucky guy.