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23 Completely Random Things That'll Make You Endlessly Uncomfortable

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1. This unlucky flyer.

2. These demonic dentist masks.

3. The troublesome quotation marks around the word "fresh."

4. Finding this in a public bathroom.

5. Seeing someone purchase these two things simultaneously.

6. Imagining someone reading this to their child.

7. Adults wearing Spongebob Squarepants.

8. This "handy" memo.

9. A plate full of ranch dressing.

10. This cat's haircut.

11. When the gas pump makes weird suggestions.


13. This plunger handle.

14. This not-so-cute engagement story.

15. This Sonic advertisement.

16. The top of this children's castle.

17. These mutant mannequins.

18. This tattoo.

19. Mumma Bear's nostril.

20. This interestingly placed floor advertisement.

21. This piece of art.

22. This immaculate conception.

23. And this diehard Miley Cyrus fan.

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