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    Posted on Sep 21, 2015

    22 People Who Definitely Didn't Get The Job

    Some things just aren't meant to be.

    1. This shirtless and shoeless bro filling out a job application:

    2. Heather, who didn't realize "Chilli Beef.docx" wasn't her resume:

    3. This nefarious dude:

    4. This ex-super secret spy:

    5. This deity:

    6. This dude who is great at organizing, calling numbers, customer service and shit:

    7. This guy who is obviously over-qualified:

    8. This person who cares about attention to detail:

    9. This worthless shithead:

    10. This excessive masturbator:

    11. This student of the month:

    12. This champion of simplicity:

    13. This guy who is too legit to quit:

    14. This person who might be too honest:

    15. This guy with too much swag:

    16. This Nic Cage fan:

    17. This super experienced retail worker:

    18. This bizarre cookie:

    19. This deadly serious applicant:

    20. This person who filled out an application in crayon:

    21. Whoever asked Ashmore Cash Converters for a recommendation:

    22. And dad.

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