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    19 Albums Turning 19 In 2019 That'll Make You Feel Things

    These albums can all legally drive β€” if they were humans.

    1. Oops!... I Did It Again β€” Britney Spears


    For Britney's second album she traded in her school girl outfit for a skin-tight red leather catsuit. The pop princess's Oops!...I Did It Again broke the record for highest debut-week album sales by a female artist with over 1.3 million copies β€” that record stood for 15 years until Adele broke it with the release of 25.

    2. Country Grammar β€” Nelly


    Nelly was 25 when he dropped Country Grammar, which quickly dominated MTV and the radio. The Saint Lunatic's debut album included "Country Grammar (Hot Shit)", "E.I.", "Ride With Me", and "Batter Up."

    3. No Strings Attached β€” NSYNC


    NSYNC's second album separated them from The Backstreet Boys and cemented them as THE boy band. To this day it's hard to read the song title "Bye, Bye, Bye" without imaging their iconic dance move.

    4. Parachutes β€” Coldplay


    Remember seeing a melancholy Chris Martin strolling on the beach telling you to look at the stars and how they shine? Well, that was 19 freaking years ago. Coldplay's debut studio album immediately slingshotted them to stardom, and every sad TV or movie montage of the 2000s.

    5. Kid A β€” Radiohead

    Parlophone / Capitol

    Radiohead's followed up Ok Computer, an album many music critics consider one of, if not the best album of the 1990s, with Kid A, which many music critics consider one of, if not the best album of the 2000s. Not too shabby.

    6. Marshall Mathers LP β€” Eminem

    Aftermath / Interscope

    Em's follow up to The Slim Shady LP elevated him to superstardom with hits like "Stan," "The Way I Am," and "The Real Slim Shady." It also made him the talk of every PTA meeting and morning talk show.

    7. Voodoo β€” D'Angelo

    Cheeba Sound / Virgin

    You might remember the neo soul singer's album for his naked music video, but the musical virtuoso's second studio album also won him a Grammy for Best R&B Album and is considered a classic in the genre. D'Angelo didn't release another album until Black Messiah in 2014.

    8. Stankonia β€” Outkast

    LaFace / Arista

    "B.O.B.," "Ms. Jackson," "So Fresh, So Clean," honestly, need I say more?

    9. Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water β€” Limp Bizkit

    Flip / Interscope

    Oh yeah, you forgot about Limp Bizkit? How dare you! Fred Durst and his red fitted hat were at their peak when they released this ridiculously titled album. They were so big at the time their first single "Take a Look Around" was the lead song for the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack. It also included the timeless aughts banger "Rollin'."

    10. Whoa, Nelly! β€” Nelly Furtado

    DreamWorks / Festival Mushroom / Warner Bros.

    Way before her "Promiscuous" days, Canadian singer Nelly Furtado came floating like bird into our car radios in 2000. Her debut album included "I'm Like A Bird" and "Turn Off The Light." The album also went double platinum.

    11. My Name Is Joe β€” Joe


    It's kinda hard now to say "My Name Is Joe by Joe" without laughing, but our dude Joe had a monster 2000. My Name Is Joe went triple platinum behind hits "I Wanna Know" and "Stutter." It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 only behind NSYNC's massive No Strings Attached. Joe also sings the chorus on Big Pun's timeless 1998 classic "Still Not a Player" and multiple G-Unit hits "Wanna Get To Know You" and "Ride Wit You."

    12. Back for the First Time β€” Ludacris

    Disturbing tha Peace / Def Jam South

    Before Ludacris became a fixture in the Fast and Furious universe he was busy rapping about throwing bows and banging on the fifty yard line of the Georgia Dome. Luda's triple platinum second studio album included the Neptunes-produced "Southern Hospitality" and "What's Your Fantasy."

    13. The Swiss Army Romance β€” Dashboard Confessional


    It wouldn't be the turn of the century without a true emo classic. Dashboard Confessional's first album The Swiss Army Romance included their break out hit "Screaming Infidelities" and marked the arrival of a band that would go on to soundtrack what seemed like every episode of One Tree Hill.

    14. All That You Can't Leave Behind β€” U2

    Island / Interscope

    Before they became iPod salesmen, the iconic Irish rockers came into the turn of the century with a string of pop hits like "Beautiful Day," "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of," "Elevation," and "Walk On." You can probably sing the chorus of at least two of those songs without even trying too hard.

    15. Rule 3:36 β€” Ja Rule

    Murder Inc. / Def Jam

    Before Ja Rule and Ashanti, there was Ja Rule and Christina Milian, AND Ja Rule and Vita, AND Ja Rule and Lil Mo. Yeah, Ja was pretty prolific with his hip-hop duets, and Rule 3:36 was full of these hits like, "Put It On Me," "Between Me and You," and "I Cry."

    16. Aaron's Party (Come Get It) β€” Aaron Carter


    Nineteen very long years ago, Nick Carter's little brother threw one hellova party and somehow managed to beat Shaq in a game of one-on-one on the same album. The OG Matty B Raps sold THREE MILLION copies (in the US) of this album full of Disney Channel bangers.

    17. Music β€” Madonna

    Maverick / Warner Bros.

    Madonna's electronic, pop, country, folk triple-platinum album Music was led by it's self-titled single with a music video that featured Ali G. It was also her best-selling album since Like A Prayer in 1989.

    18. Hybrid Theory β€” Linkin Park

    Warner Bros.

    Linkin Park really made their presence felt with their debut studio album Hybrid Theory. Hits like "One Step Closer," "Crawling," "Papercut," and "In The End" still reverberate in people's ear drums. It also spawned a crossover album with Jay-Z. To this day, Hybrid Theory has gone platinum 11 times.

    19. Who Let The Dogs Out? β€” Baha Men

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