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Fan-Made Harry Potter Web Series Brings Aurors To NYC

The "Auror's Tale" is a new Harry Potter-themed web series set to come out this summer, unless it gets Inspector Spacetime'd.

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Red Phoenix Productions is working on a Harry Potter-themed web series for the summer, and released a teaser trailer to whet the appetites of Potter fans underwhelmed by Pottermore and looking for something more substantial.

The series plans to follow newly-minted Auror Hawthorne (a Salem Academy graduate) as he deals with New York City's gang of magical ne'er do wells known as the Hellhounds. Apparently, a prerequisite of magical law enforcement is a proclivity for wordless magic, but the production values in this proof-of-concept peek into the series (which just started filming episode one) are spot-on.

There's plans for the web series to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the near future, so the project runs the risk of running into trouble with the non-magical arm of the law, like when NBC attempted to shut down the Inspector Spacetime web series.

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