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Coming Soon: Live Streaming Shark Cam

Shark Week is coming. And Discovery's welcoming the weekly festivities with live streaming shark feedings from the Georgia Aquarium.

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You've wasted days watching the Shiba Inu Puppy-Cam. Spent hours following the frolicking red pandas on Mozilla's Firefox Live. Maybe even whiled away an afternoon gawking at the Discovery Channel's Penguin Cam. Don't you think you've had enough of "cute"?

Shark Week isn't about cute. So the Discovery Channel's Shark Cam, featuring the sharks at Georgia Aquarium's "Ocean Voyager" exhibit, will feature the daily whale shark feedings, and Q&A sessions with the divers getting up close and personal.

The only downside? According to the website, you'll have to wait until August 1st for the feeding frenzy to begin.

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