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Author Tricks Homework Cheating Websites Into Writing Book

South Park veteran Vernon Chatman recently published Mindsploitation, a book comprised of ridiculous fake essay assignments to homework cheating websites and the resulting essays.

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In Mindsploitation: Asinine Assignments for the Online Homework Cheating Industry, Vernon Chatman asks homework cheating websites to answer patently absurd, fictional writing prompts. The resulting email correspondences and essays were then packaged up and sold as a book.

Find out how poorly paid, questionably ethical essayists answer the important questions...

The assignment is that we have to read everything that has ever been written about love, and then we are supposed to have a meaningful series of passionate affairs, and then write a paper that sums up all that mankind knows about the topic of love in ONE WORD.
Write an essay that details in detail: How Would the Holy Bible Be Different If It Starred The Giant Spider From Kafka's The Metamorphasis Instead of Jesus As The Lead Character?

Also included: educational knock-knock jokes to teach young children about The Vietnam War, The Death Penalty in Texas, and Chlamydia.

You can find the book on, or go to the cheating websites and pay for your own essays.

Hat Tip: Media Bistro

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