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    Top 22 Best Candies From The 90s

    Yummy in my tummy, oh how I miss you!

    1. Candy Powder Filled Plastic Fruits

    2. Candy Lipstick

    3. Lollipop Paint Shop

    4. Bubble Jug

    5. Tiny Size

    6. Big League Chew

    7. Baby Bottle Pop

    8. Ouch Bubble Gum

    9. Squeeze Pop

    10. Ring Pop

    11. Push Pop

    12. Now and Later

    13. Fruit Stripe Gum

    14. Wonder Ball

    15. WarHeads

    16. Fun Dip

    17. Airheads

    18. Sour Punch Straws

    19. Bubble Tape

    20. Runts

    21. Nerds

    22. Mamba