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13 Times The MJ Cryface Was Spot On With Your Emotions

I can't see 'em coming down my eyes, so I gotta make MJ cry.

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1. When you look at the clock at work, and realize you've got 6.5 hours to go.

2. When ya girl left her GroupMe open and you see her friends roasting the nudes you sent her.


3. When you spent all your money at the club and trying to figure out how you're going to pay rent.

4. When you're feeling yourself at the All White Party and you ask for a girl's number, and she says, "Ew! You're wearing a headband and a hat?! No thank you." And when she walks away, you overhear her say, "Girl, he was so wack."

5. When you log on to IG and find out your Ex is in a new relationship.

6. When your Yeezy Plug didn't come through on your shoe size.

7. When you're at the hair salon and your stylist asks, "How do you like your new weave?" You say, "I love it!" But you're really dead inside.

8. When you're waiting on your Tinder date to come back from the bathroom, but they never do.

9. When your friends are clowning, but the jokes get too personal.

10. When you just walked in to work on Monday morning and your coworker asks, "Hey, did you get my email?"

11. When you get your hair dyed and the color comes out waaaaay too bright, but you gotta pretend like you're confident enough to walk out of the salon.

12. When you wanna' flex in your nice whip, but don't know if you'll have enough gas to make it until payday.

13. When you ask your girl where she was last night and she says, "I was at Chantelle's house," but your homeboy already told you he saw her at Chilli's with some other dude.

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