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    13 Times Geoffrey From The Fresh Prince Didn't GAF

    IDGAF at it's finest.

    Many remember The Fresh Prince as the breakout sitcom that jumpstarted Will Smith's career. I mean, sure he gave us a bunch of comedic comebacks and the occasional dope dance move, but I think we're all aware of the bigger story here...

    You guessed it. Geoffrey's unmatched ability to give no f*&ks.

    Here are 13 times he didn't GAF and we lived for it.

    1. Every day he reported to work.

    2. When he thought he hit the lottery.

    3. The time he hosted that kick ass house party.

    4. When someone asked him a stupid question.

    Which is now comparable to asking, "Who do you think I am, Siri?!"

    5. Any opportunity to take a shot at Uncle Phil's weight.

    6. That time he lived like a King while the Banks were vacationing.

    7. Each time he put one of those privileged pimple-poppers in their place.

    8. When asked to take on additional tasks.

    9. Anytime he had to entertain Will's lame jokes.

    10. Every time the Banks family left the house.

    11. That time he finally took a vacation.

    12. Anytime a Banks family member opened their mouth to speak.

    13. Basically anytime he looked like this, you could expect a serious case of IDGAF to ensue.