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    Top 10 Things That Could Go Wrong At A Bar/Bat Celebration

    For the worried Jewish moms, here are the things to be careful of when it comes to all things Bar/Bar Mitzvah.

    1. You book the venue for the wrong weekend.


    When you get an email from the venue about your upcoming event on June 2, instead of June 22 you go into full panic mode. And yes, they're fully booked on the actual day of the Bar Mitzvah.

    2. You forget to send an invitation to your in-laws.


    And since you didn't get their RSVP, there is also no place card for them at the party. Thanksgiving won't be too fun this year, big mistake.

    3. You're completely underdressed.


    There was no "optional" next to the words "Black Tie" on the invitation. Better read more carefully next time around.

    4. The Bar Mitzvah boy falls off the hora chair.


    And no, he wasn't too heavy. It's all because that guy who wanted to prove he was still young and strong tried to help out.

    5. You go up for a candle that wasn't meant for you.


    Looks like there might be two Greenstein families at this Bar Mitzvah. Coincidentally, you both share wonderful memories on vacation with the Bar Mitzvah boy. It's still a mortifying experience, though.

    6. The catering company mistakenly puts real lobster instead of imitation.


    The Rabbi won't be coming to any more of your events any more, now will he.

    7. Your nephew makes out with a dancer.


    The worst part about this is hearing from the other moms after their kids tell them what happened at your party. Lesson: never trust a college age kid with an open bar.

    8. The DJ passes out from overheating.


    At every party you notice the DJ is dripping in sweat, and wearing all black with a sports jacket. You were just the one who was lucky enough to have a DJ pass out on you. And no, you will not get a refund.

    9. Your dress turns out to be see through in all of the photos.


    Wardrobe malfunction at the worst time. The worst part is those photos will be kept forever, and you thought the dress looked so great on you.

    10. They deliver the wrong cake.


    Instead of the cake decorated in your child's chosen Spiderman theme, you got Jenny & Jacob's beautiful wedding cake. While you have to deal with a disappointed child, you can't help what to wonder how Jenny & Jacob are enjoying the Spiderman cake at their wedding.

    To ensure none of these catastrophies happen to you, visit Mitzvah Market for tips on planning a party that will run smoothly!

    For real life stories of parties gone wrong, check out Mitzvah Mishaps on Mitzvah Market!

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