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    Top 10 Things That Could Go Wrong At A Bar/Bat Celebration

    For the worried Jewish moms, here are the things to be careful of when it comes to all things Bar/Bar Mitzvah.

    1. You book the venue for the wrong weekend.

    2. You forget to send an invitation to your in-laws.

    3. You're completely underdressed.

    4. The Bar Mitzvah boy falls off the hora chair.

    5. You go up for a candle that wasn't meant for you.

    6. The catering company mistakenly puts real lobster instead of imitation.

    7. Your nephew makes out with a dancer.

    8. The DJ passes out from overheating.

    9. Your dress turns out to be see through in all of the photos.

    10. They deliver the wrong cake.

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