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    13 Types Of People You Meet At Every Bar/Bat Mitzvah

    We all know who they are. See if you can spot them at the next one you attend.

    1. The woman that's never been to a bar mitzvah before


    She literally asks every question you can imagine. What is that thing on everyone's head? Why are they lifting poor Jacob so high in a chair? What is this circle dancing to such odd music? What the heck is "kosher style" and why isn't there any cheese on my chicken parm?

    2. The mom who may have mistaken the Manischewitz for grape juice


    She is definitely embodying the phrase "dance like nobody's watching". If she's your mom, you are mortified by the way she is looking at the DJ. If she's not your mom, you are either laughing or praying she doesn't knock over Grandma Lois who is grooving to the music with her walker in the corner of the dance floor.

    3. The kid who won't stop requesting songs


    We understand how passionate they are for One Direction, but at the same time we feel horrible for the DJ who has to deal with the mob of children requesting the same #1 hit song. One thing most 13-year-olds do not have is patience.

    4. The one who complains when the bar/bat mitzvah kid wins Coke/Pepsi


    Haven't you been to enough of these things to know that the only time you will win is either at your party or if you are the bar/bat mitzvah kid's partner?!

    5. The aunt who thinks she sounds better than Queen


    Sorry Aunt Bertha, that mic belongs to the MC and we'd appreciate if you kept your rendition of "We Are The Champions" to yourself. Also please, stop kissing everyone and getting lipstick on their face.

    6. The guest who won't leave the stage


    No matter what's going on anywhere at the party, there will always be the people just way too into the spotlight to get off that stage.

    7. The guy who came just for the food


    He is the first one to the dessert bar and the only adult to treat himself to the kids candy bar. You can't blame him, who doesn't like dessert?

    8. The guy who doesn't get up


    This guy is probably your Grandpa Gerald who gets up to cut the challah and say Motzi, but other than that he prefers to enjoy the party from his seat. You're lucky if he even gets up to light his candle.

    9. The kid who collects dance floor prizes


    That flashing light ring (or retainer - gross) will make that kids night. And yeah, he does have a collection of plastic glasses and strange hats at home. Never underestimate this kids dedication to winning every dancefloor competition.

    10. The photo booth hogs


    These people will make sure to get a picture with every possible background, with every possible prop, making every face imaginable. Don't even think about getting that family picture you've been wanting all night, because these people just won't go.

    11. The girls who hang out in the bathroom


    You wonder why these girls spend their night in the bathroom. Is it the free tampons, tissues or pantyhose in the hospitality basket? Are they afraid of boys? This is a mystery that may never be unraveled.

    12. The exceptionally sweaty DJ


    It literally looks like he just got out of the shower and walked into your party. Don't get too close, or else he might drip on you. But you've got to give this guy some respect for keeping his energy through the roof the entire night.

    13. And of course...THE BAR/BAT MITZVAH STAR!


    It's their night, and what they say - goes. They will win every game played. They will be stalked by the photographer all night to the point where it hurts them to smile. You get butterflies when they talk to you, because they are basically a celebrity, and their first slow dance with a girl will be the most talked about moment of the night.

    No matter who you encounter at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you'll be sure to have a great time. Just make sure you don't turn out to be one of them.

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