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25 Reasons You May Be A Guelph Gryphon

because only the best of mythical creatures grace this campus.

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16. The Cannon has saved you multitudes of money on textbooks

Except when your prof requires the new edition and there goes $500. At least The Cannon can find you some pretty awesome houses! (for the most part...)

25. You will always be a proud Gryphon

No matter how old you get... you will always look back at your times in Guelph and remember the good bits: The laughs and the tears, the first year shenanigans, your residence chants, living in a house with your best buds, drunken stupors downtown, the fun profs and taking all the bird courses, wearing your red, black and gold with pride, taking grad pictures in the fall, the countless times you overheard something crazy, studying on johnston green, and missing Guelph every summer between school years... It will be a time you'll never forget... and one you will long to go back to when you're off in the real world!

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