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    26 Things From Target Every Parent Will Probably Love This Fall

    It's fall which means cool weather is coming and pumpkin spice makes everything nice.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A T-shirt perfect for welcoming fall! Get your little ones as stoked about the fall as you are! This simple but adorable shirt would also work for school spirit days when Halloween rolls around.


    2. A sleep trainer that is also a night light and sound machine all wrapped into one! Looking to instill a little more independence in your kid's routine this fall? This is a great solution! All you have to do is simply set your bed and wake times and this cute little trainer does the *rest.*

    3. A spooky cardboard haunted house to start setting the mood early for the Halloween fun! We got this kit last year and my son had a blast coloring it and then playing with it for weeks with his cars and dinosaurs. It's a great activity to get your kiddos jazzed about fall.

    4. And an adorable little fall craft kit so you and your children can embrace fall in a creative way! I love these kits, they make for great after school projects to help get those extra sillies out.

    5. A fall doormat to greet your kiddos when they return from school. There is nothing more comforting than a seasonal doormat and this one is simply the bees knees y'all! It's fall!

    fall doormat

    6. A pack of organic throat soothing lolipops to hand out when your kid comes home with that ever-lingering school cough. Reviewers are saying that these are a huge hit with kids and that the flavors are on point! You best believe these are in my cart right now.


    7. An extra comfy fall blanket sure to keep you and your kiddos warm during those extra chilly fall nights! I just got this for our house and let me tell you, it's a total vibe!

    fall blanket

    8. A cute shark thermos to keep your kid's chicken nuggies or mac 'n' cheese warm so they can have comforting lunches on chilly school days. If you have a ravenous child like mine, this is the perfect container. Plus, it comes with a travel spoon. It's *sharktastic*!

    Shark thermos

    9. A pack of fall window decorations for helping get the kiddos more involved in your holiday decorating. I get these sticky window decorations for each holiday — they are cheap and a fun way for the kids to feel like they are contributing to making our house a home!

    fall window stickers

    10. A family bingo that is also educational because learning doesn't have to stop in the classroom! This kit comes with four different bingo-style games that are great for kids ages three to six. Bingo is awesome because it improves listening, short-term memory skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination!

    the family bingo game

    11. You're My Little Pumpkin Pie, a *sweet* little board book celebrating the little pumpkin pie in your life! With adorable illustrations, shaped cutouts, and raised elements, this board book is ideal for sharing with little ones this fall.

    Pumpkin Pie book

    12. A daily checklist system so you can start the back-to-school season off on the right foot. These lists are super helpful to keep your kiddos on track and promote responsibility. They also come with dry-erase markers so they can be used over and over again without wasting paper. Hooray for helping the environment!

    family using Check-list

    13. A pack of vapor bath bombs to help clear up their sinuses when they come home with the infamous school sniffles. These bath bombs are *da bomb* because they're made with all-natural ingredients and make bath time fun for kids.

    frida bath bombs

    14. And a fall wreath because when I start to break out the holiday-themed wreathes my kids know I mean business! I like this wreath because it is simple and you could add some personal flair to it.

    fall wreath

    15. A kid-friendly ABC plate so they can practice their letters and healthy eating at the same time. We have this plate and it is very durable, inexpensive, dishwasher-safe, and a great way to implement learning while we are at the table!

    ABC plate

    16. A seat buckle release tool that'll speed up school drop-offs by making it easier for kids to unbuckle themselves when they get older (with your permission, of course!). Trust me, your nails or arthritic hands will thank you.

    Kid in car seat and parent using seat buckle release tool

    17. A yellow reversible puffy jacket that I got for my daughter last season and is still going strong. I love that it can be used for chilly rainy days and has an adorable fall pattern.

    18. And a comfy dino reversible puffy jacket my son absolutely loves! If it gets tooo hot then he can turn it inside out and wear the fleece on the outside!

    19. A label maker so you can get organized this school year and beyond. Label your kiddo's water bottle, pencil box, planner, and more to ensure nothing goes missing! Embrace your inner Marie Kondo, this gadget is sure to *spark joy!*

    label maker

    20. A pack of chewable Dramamine tablets for kids ages two-12 who suffer from motion sickness. These are sure to be your saving grace when you travel this holiday season. They are also chewable and come in a yummy grape flavor!

    dramamine tablets

    21. A Fuji Instax camera so you can capture all your first day of school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving memories! I have this camera and I can certainly vouch that it is a great addition to our family trips.

    Fuji Instax camera

    22. And a cute album to keep all the above photos organized. It could also be a fun project to give to a loved one this upcoming holiday season.


    23. A gratitude journal filled with activities and prompts to inspire communication between parents and children and help strengthen their bond as they take turns writing about what they're thankful for.

    gratitude journal

    24. A pack of Swiss Miss Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate so you can enjoy more pumpkin treats with your kiddos on those chilly fall evenings.

    hot chocolate

    25. And a bag of Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Spice ground coffee that'll help you survive the busy holiday season. Make your very own PSL from the comfort of your home. Skip the drive- thu and enjoy this delicious treat from the comfort of your own home this fall!


    26. A cute (and hilarious) coffee cup to enjoy your morning coffee in, because we all need to embrace our inner witch sometimes :)

    coffee cup

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