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    26 Practical Parenting Items From Target You’re Probably Missing From Your Life

    🎶 Don't wanna close your eyes, don't wanna fall asleep, 'Cause you'd miss these awesome parenting products, and you don't wanna miss a thing. 🎶

    1. A Disney Me Reader that has seriously upped our at-home reading game. This fabulous little electronic reader comes with eight magical stories featuring your child's most beloved Disney characters. Our three-year-old is zipping through these allowing me to catch up on my reading as well.

    Disney Me Reader

    2. A preschool cut, paste, and play pad to help your little ones safely practice their cutting skills. We got this pad and our toddler is now a master at cutting triangles, squares, and circles.

    activity book

    3. A leakproof bento box sure to get your little ones pumped about eating lunch. Toddlers are notorious for hitting a picky eater phase and this bento box has helped me sneak in some healthy snacks in a fun and creative way. Now my lunches almost always come back empty!

    the blue bento box with snacks inside

    4. An air purifier that has saved our family rifled with allergies. I love that I can control it from my phone, and it has a quiet mode for when we're sleeping. Don't *sleep* on this cool device!

    air purifier

    5. A backseat car organizer perfect for the parent on the go that enjoys a nice and tidy car. While life on the road with kids is not always clean this handy dandy product does help me keep track of books, crayons, snacks, and tablets, oh my!

    kid with back seat organizer

    6. And a detangler spray we also love and trust to de-tangle those really hard knots. The sweet almond scent is another soothing aroma perfect for winding down before bed.

    honest detangle spray

    7. A highly useful fabric bin with a lid that will *tuck* your excess clothes, stuffies, toys, and all other rubbish nicely under your bed. This simple but ingenious storage solution is great for your upcoming spring cleaning, aka stuffie spring break!

    fabric bin in room

    8. A perfect six-cube shelf great for neatly tucking away the above fabric cubes. Or use it to store your child's books, clothes, or school supplies — the possibilities are endless. Plus, its simple design makes it easy to incorporate into any space.

    the white cubby shelf

    9. An essential daily checklist system so you can start each day off on the right foot. These lists are super helpful and have helped keep our kiddos on track while promoting responsibility. They are magnetic and come with dry-erase markers so they can be used over and over again without wasting paper. Hooray for helping the environment!

    family using Check-list

    10. Or a pack of 60 colorful punch cards to inspire and motivate your youngsters to make smart and helpful choices! These cards are better suited for younger kids who might not be ready for the above chore and checklists.

    the punch cards in different colors

    11. A three-pack of small woven baskets that you can use to store small toys that are easy to lose track of. Or you can keep your kiddos' snacks organized and accessible. We love these baskets in our cupboards so the kids can independently choose their snacks inspired by Montessori methods.

    blocks in baskets

    12. A super bonzer Bluey coloring book perfect for fans of this loveable Aussie family of blue healers. If your child is as enamored by Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilly Dog as ours is then this coloring book is for you!

    Bluey coloring book

    13. A set of inclusive color pencils and crayons so every kid can be represented in their art-making. More Than Peach™ is 10-year-old Bellen’s initiative to grow empathy and language around skin color in classrooms and beyond. Bellen's story is truly inspiring and by purchasing this bundle you are supporting her movement!

    14. A handy dandy backpack laundry bag to *pack* up all your kiddo's dirty clothes or sheets so they can tow them to your laundry room or mat. All that's left on the to-do list is to get them to make the bed with their newly clean sheets!

    laundry bag in room

    15. An A–Z Bath Time Matching Game that has turned bathtime into fun time! We decided to get creative and make bath time a learning experience by playing this memory game. Bathtime has now become a magical journey into the world of narwhals, eels, and flounder!

    16. Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff will seriously change your parenting game. I have our whole preschool reading this book and let me tell you, I haven't heard one complaint yet. This book is smart, witty, relatable, and chock full of helpful advice.

    Book cover

    17. A sketch kit with stencils so you can keep your child occupied during long trips on planes, trains, and automobiles! This kit is great because it comes with stencils, paper, markers, and a sturdy carrying case to keep everything in one place! Perfect for all your on-the-go entertainment needs.

    18. A soothing chest rub infused with lavender, eucalyptus, and beeswax to help soothe your little tike when they are not feeling their best cuddly self. This rub is pediatrician recommended and excludes all those pesky ingredients like petroleum, menthol, and toxins.

    baby with chest rub

    19. A modern fabric cube that is simple in design but absolutely a game changer in the everyday activity of tidying up! I love to mix and match the two patterns below to organize my toddler's clothes on the above shelf. We also use these for prompting our toddler to put away his own clothes because they slip away nicely so it doesn't matter if they are not neatly folded.

    20. A fun and practical 2-in-1 vacuum our three-year-old thoroughly enjoys. I got this *sucker* so we could have something small and light to clean up after meals, arts and crafts, or accidents. It is amazing and both my and my son's favorite purchase at the moment!

    21. A deck of cute and quirky affirmation cards to help quickly lift you out of a funk. Affirmators by Suzi Barrett are the inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards that everyone can enjoy.

    affirmation cards

    22. A far-out starry globe nightlight that will make your child feel like being under a blanket of real stars. It is ideal for children who need an extra bit of support at night time. We use this at home so we don't have to use the bathroom light as a night-light. It helps us save on electricity and makes our 9-year-old feel safe.

    starry globe

    23. A pack of Boogie Wipes aka my secret weapon for tackling stuffy noses. These wipes are made with natural saline so they are gentle on the skin. They help clean and dissolve snot and boogers, while also wiping away dirt and germs. Trust me these are splendid, I even started using these on myself!

    24. A simple pack of 24 clothes pins — these are seriously used every day in our house. We use them to keep our chips fresh, hang our artwork, and even add googly eyes and feathers for a quick fun art project. Don't underestimate the power of clothespins!

    hand holding clothes pin

    25. A Scribble Scrubbie Pets set that is a huge hit in our household, we use these to help get our kiddo motivated about getting in the bath. They are also great to get your kid's creative juices flowing. They can draw all over their favorite ocean creatures then wash them off and do it all over again!

    scrubbie toys

    26. And a heavenly mini jade face roller to provide a nice pick me up and relieve minor headaches. I put mine in the freezer and *roll* it on my face and I am suddenly whisked into a moment of peace and tranquility. Now each time I journey to the kitchen it's like taking a *mini* trip to the spa!

    mini face roller

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