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    If You’re A New Parent Of A Toddler, You Could Probably Use These 20 Target Products

    Toddlers just got easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Disney stroller cargo net perfect for...Yup, you guessed it— your family's next trip to the Mouse's House! This awesome stroller accessory clips onto most strollers and offers more storage so you can find your toddler essentials quickly. Gone are the days of rifling through the bottom of your stroller looking for baby wipes.

    Disney cargo net

    2. And a Disney stroller organizer to pair nicely with the above stroller cargo net. Not all strollers come with an organizer, so this nifty product is a game changer. It offers you a place to store your phone, water bottle, and any other knickknacks your kiddo might need.

    Disney stroller organizer

    3. A folding travel potty seat because it is always a great idea to be prepared for bathroom pit stops. This nifty item folds up nicely so you can easily take it with you on outings and trips. It makes it easy (and safe) for your little one to sit on almost any toilet!

    travel potty

    4. A dinosaur lunch tote that'll hold the above bento box. It has a zipper front pouch, a mesh water bottle holder, and a handy clip strap so you can hang it from your stroller or backpack. It's *dinomite!*

    5. A Melissa & Doug lobster toy to use as an incentive to get in the bath because we all know toddlers are notorious for not wanting to bathe. This sturdy lobster toy is easy for small hands to use and great for developing fine motor skills.

    lobster toy

    6. A classic beach ball because toddlers love anything they can easily hit and throw, or at least mine does. For less than $2 this beach ball is a major score and will provide hours of entertainment all year long (it's great for indoor play too!), while helping build gross motor skills!

    Beach ball

    7. Go Camping, an adventurous book to prepare your little ones for their upcoming excursions. This board book answers questions like what kind of animals might they see? Or what will they hear? And what will they roast around the campfire? Mmmmm, I think that the last answer is s'mores!

    Book about camping

    8. A pack of Bravery Badges so you can be ready for any surprise accidents or injuries. This kit includes 48 flex fabric bandages that will protect all kinds of cuts and scrapes from dirt and germs. They also come in a convenient tin to keep you organized while out on the trails.

    band aids

    9. A sticker activity book because what toddler doesn't love stickers? This book was a huge success during our last trip. My son made adorable cards and letters for his friends back home. It is such a fun activity to give mom and dad a break. Trust me your kid will be *stuck* on this activity for hours!

    Sticker book

    10. A pack of no-mess coloring books that are a lifesaver for long car rides. All you have to do is fill the pen with water and your kids can color the pictures in with the *invisible ink!* This three-pack comes with 24 pages of fun pictures of farm animals, princesses, friends and fun, and adventures!

    11. A pack of beginner pattern blocks to help early learners engage in math concepts like shapes and patterns. Or your kiddo can create their own designs — the possibilities are endless with these amazing geometric shapes!

    Kid using pattern blocks

    12. A pack of two magnetic puzzles that'll have your toddler jumping for joy. I am not sure what attracts toddlers to picking up items with a magnet, but they will be all about it. This set comes with one fishing puzzle and another bug catching puzzle — it is simply the *catch of the day!*

    13. A Match and Roll Shape Sorter to keep their little hands busy throughout the day and build dexterity. We use this toy to instill problem-solving skills in our household. Your toddler will learn new shapes such as parallelograms, quatrefoils, squares, rhombus, diamonds, ovals, ellipses, and pentagons.

    child playing with shape sorter

    14. A Dot Markers Art kit that we used to help develop our son's speech skills. It creates less of a mess than paint, and encourage hand-eye coordination, all while developing reading and spelling skills.

    kid using dot art markers

    15. A travel Magnetic Dot Art Designer to nurture independence, self-expression, and creative problem-solving skills. This set includes 50 activities on 25 double-sided cards to create endless possibilities for imagination and art creations.

    16. A set of magnetic numbers and letters so you can build your child's vocabulary while cooking! We place our son in front of the fridge and practice our ABCs and 123s all while preparing his dinner!

    kid using magnet letters and numbers

    17. 123 of Thankfulness because this is a lovely way to teach your toddler about being thankful as well as how to count! This book has the most adorable illustrations by Summer Macon and also makes a great birthday gift.

    123 of Thankfulness

    18. A Retro Magna Doodle because every toddler needs one of these gadgets. This is a major throwback for some parents out there and is also a very fun travel activity. Get doodling with your Magna Doodle!

    Kid with Magna Doodle

    19. And Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker because this is my toddler's favorite bedtime story! We read this book almost every night and he is always finding new things to talk about it. If your kiddo is obsessed with construction vehicles and struggles to fall asleep, this is the book for you!

    Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site book

    20. A dinosaur water bottle that my toddler takes everywhere! We love this 12-oz Thermos for long trips because it keeps liquids cold. The push button top also makes it easy for little hands to open it all on their own, instilling a sense of independence.

    the multicolored dinosaur water bottle

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