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21 Delicious Things To Eat In Canterbury

Eggs Chaucer, anyone?

1. Pulled Pork at Pork & Co.

Rachel Phipps / Via

Bulk up on a fresh roll stuffed with pork, apple butter, pork scratchings and fat slices of black pudding. Look out for their converted horse box roaming around town for your pork fix, too.

2. Veggie Full English at KITCH

Giulia Mulè / Via

KITCH serves all natural and wholegrain breakfasts, lunches and baked goods in a cute cafe off the High Street. Their Veggie Full English with homemade baked beans, wilted spinach and sweet potato falafel is a must for even the most dedicated omnivore.

3. Eggs Chaucer at Tiny Tim's Tearoom

4. Bento Boxes at Tamago

5. Pancakes at Chambers

Rebecca Lamyman / Via

Thick, fluffy pancakes with oozings of maple syrup and the option of bacon and scrambled eggs on the side? Chambers serves them all day, alongside a window full of homemade cakes, tray bakes and their classic milkshakes.

6. Seafood Paella at Cafe Mauresque

7. Rack of ribs at The Foundry

The Foundry / Via

The Foundry brew their own local beers, but that is not the only reason they're worth the visit. You can get their ribs as a whole or half rack with slaw, salad and potato salad on the side.

8. Brioche Bread Pudding at Salt

Rachel Phipps / Via

Salt serves up wonderful little tapas-style sharing plates of bright, imaginative and local seasonal dishes. Think venison and rosemary meatballs with quince jelly or roasted pumpkin and cavolo nero with sage and cobnut pesto.

Regardless of what happens to be on the board to start, at dessert time their brioche bread pudding makes the case for bread pudding never to be made with ordinary bread ever again.

9. Margaritas at Bramleys

Rebecca Layman / Via

Bramleys is an unassuming door, leading to a long passageway down a side street in the city centre. This speakeasy also serves some of the best cocktails in town.

10. Full English Breakfast at The Goods Shed

11. Fish Finger Sandwiches at Mrs. Jones' Kitchen

Victoria Hart / Via

Good bread, good fish fingers and a good handful of ready salted crisps on the side.

12. Burgers at The Burger Brothers

The Burger Brothers / Via

Does this picture really need a description? You can now find The Burger Brothers in residency at Alberry's bar at lunchtime, and at Mrs. Jones' Kitchen on selected evenings.

13. Queen of Puddings at Deeson's

14. Pizza at Cafe du Soleil

15. Flatbreads at Canteen

16. Pulled Pork Open Sandwich at The Shakespeare

17. Red Velvet Cake at The Shakespeare Wine Bar & Coffee House

18. Craft Coffee & Macarons at Water Lane Coffee

Luke Reene / Via

Waterlane Coffee House down by the river is the best place in town for craft coffee from independent roasters. While they do sell other cakes and Teapigs teas, an artful latte and a crisp rose macaron is the golden combo.

19. Cocktails at The Cuban

Rachel Phipps / Via

As one of the most popular places in Canterbury for a night out, it surprises a lot of people that they do their awesome cocktails (and some pretty good tapas) during the day.

20. Patisserie at La Trappiste

Rebecca Layman / Via

Another surprise is that La Trappiste is not just somewhere to sit outside on the street with a Belgium beer on a Summer evening. Head up to their hidden roof terrace for moules-frites, or to their pastry counter for something delicious and impressive looking the whole year round.

21. Potato Dosai at The Ambrette

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