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    17 Amazing Destinations For Wine Lovers In Britain

    Wine time.

    1. Nyetimber, West Sussex

    Matt Sills / Via

    Next time you're cracking open a bottle of Nyetimber (their Classic Curve is slightly fruity, like champagne but a bit brighter in flavour, and dangerously drinkable, in case you're interested), a little history lesson for you. Nyetimber estate dates back to the Norman Conquest; how many French champagne houses can boast that?

    2. Chapel Down, Kent


    If you've ever eaten in one of Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey's restaurants you'll have heard of Chapel Down's English wines. However, did you know that they also produce a mean couple of Kentish beers and ciders? They also used crowdfunding to raise £3.95 million in just three weeks to help fund their operation.

    3. Barnsole Vineyard, Kent

    4. Biddenden Vineyard, Kent

    Msp Assocs / Via

    Biddenden is Kent's oldest commercial winery. If you'd like to learn more about local produce, you can take tours around the vineyard, followed by a trip to the Shepherds Neame Brewery, who make the beers you'll probably have been sipping in most popular pubs in the county.

    5. Hush Heath Estate, Kent


    While they produce a whole host of still and sparkling English wines, it's Hush Heaths Balfour Brut Rose you need to keep an eye out for if you're after a bottle to impress. For wine geeks, it is light and fruity, and for the rest of us it comes in a rather pretty bottle.

    6. Bolney Wine Estate, West Sussex


    Bolney specialise in red wine, and is situated on a site that is listed back as far as the Doomsday book. The vineyard is only half an hour's drive away from Brighton seafront, so why not make a weekend of it to taste the whole host of red white and pink still and sparkling vintages they have on offer?

    7. Ridgeview, East Sussex


    A family vineyard with a stunning view of the South Downs, Ridgeview mark their wines "Merret", to celebrate Christopher Merret who discovered the method for making sparkling wines in 1662, before the method was adopted to make French champagne.

    8. Denbies Wine Estate, Surrey

    Andy Newbold / Via

    While you can tour the vineyard and winery, Denbies vineyard includes 7 miles of public footpath; perfect for a sunny afternoons stroll.

    9. Wiston Estate Vineyard, East Sussex


    While their vineyard is just as photogenic as everyone else's, Wiston Estate on the South Downs hands down win the award for the prettiest bottle labels in Britain; Forbes called it one of the coolest wine labels in the world. Another fun fact is that a bottle of Wiston sparkling wine was used by the Queen to launch Britannia; the first English wine rather than French champagne ever used to launch a cruise ship.

    10. Camel Valley, Cornwall

    David Griffin / Via

    Obviously you want to visit Camel Valley for the wine, but if you go to stay in one of their holiday cottages in their beautiful vineyard, remember that in Cornwall you've also got Rick Stein and Nathan Outlaw's seafood restaurants nearby.

    11. Furleigh Estate, Dorset

    Nick Bailey / Via

    Furleigh Estate, as well as being planted up with vines is a great place to spot local wildlife; deer, pheasants and partridges can often be found roaming in amongst the vines. Also, the vineyard creates a special red wine called Tyrannosaurus Red which they only release each Christmas.

    12. Court Garden Vineyard, East Sussex

    Hugh Threlfall / Via

    Did you know that the area of Sussex were Court Garden is located has a very similar geology to the champagne region in France, making it the perfect place to grow the grapes for English sparkling wine?

    13. Castle Brook Vineyard, Herefordshire

    The Seed Group / Via

    Castlebrook has been a family venture for four generations. Their classic Brut has won a slew of best wine awards, and is perfect for celebrating: the bottles toast you with a hearty "Chinn-Chinn" printed on the neck.

    14. Three Choirs Vineyard, Gloucestershire

    Via Flickr: jammydonutworld

    The wines made by Three Choirs actually come from their two vineyards, one in Hampshire and the other in Gloucestershire. Also, as well as producing beer and cider in addition to their wines, they're said to have created a mean brandy.

    15. La Mare Wine Estate, Jersey


    OK, Jersey isn't technically British, but this vineyard was too good not to include. Be sure to plan ahead if you're visiting La Mare: you can pre-order a picnic and settle down to enjoy it among the vines.

    16. Yorkshire Heart Vineyard & Brewery, Yorkshire


    As well as producing wine, Yorkshire Heart run a beer and music festival in the Spring, with camping overnight out in the vineyard.

    17. Sugrue Pierre, East Sussex

    Via Facebook: Sugrue-Pierre

    Last year Sugrue Pierre won the Decanted World Wine Awards, beating out 101 other bottles. However, what makes these bottles special is that they are names after the husband and wife team who make it (he's Sugrue and she's Pierre), and the coat of arms on the bottle features their dog, Noodles. Oh, and the wine is called "The Trouble With Dreams". Okay, so it is wine, not an actual vineyard, but how could we forget about Noodles?

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