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    5 Missouri Wineries With Adventure-Friendly Packaging

    The glass bottle has been the tried and true wine receptacle for ages, and for good reason. It’s elegant and works well for its intended purpose of housing wine from where it’s made to your glass. However, there are times when glass can present challenges. So, the next time you’re going hiking, camping, rafting, sitting by the pool or any other fun (but not-so-glass-friendly) adventure, keep these Missouri wineries and their eco-friendly, easy to use alternative packaging in mind.

    Peaceful Bend Vineyard – Steeleville

    7Cs Winery – Walnut Grove

    West Winery – Macon

    Cave Hollow West Winery – Hannibal

    St. James Winery – St. James

    (Bonus) St. James Winery - St. James