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13 Fashion Blogging Tips For Beginners

Some useful tips to help you get started.

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1. Define your blog.

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Be sure to have an idea of what type of blog you want. Do you want to report on fashion news, personal style or product review blog? The type of blog determines what skill you need to refine. (like photography, illustration, writing)

It's okay to divert from your normal posts but you should have something that becomes your "signature thing". You should have a firm idea of type of viewers you want to attract.

2. Layout makes a difference!

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Blog layout is the first element your viewers come across, so make it count! It doesn't matter if you use Wordpress or Blogspot, there are a variety of free templates that require little to no coding. Try to find a template that gives you some creative freedom, such as colors or custom headers.

Some basic rules:

-Black background and white text is not recommended due to the lack of legibility.

-Determine your theme colors and utilize them throughout your design.

-Make sure the navigation menu is visible and easy to access.

-If all else fails, simple is better.

3. Get creative (if you don't have your own photographer)!

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Not everyone has a photographer boyfriend on call. Fashion blogs don't always have to feature only full outfit posts. Try some flat lays, mannequin or detail shots.

If outfit pictures are a must, invest in a tripod and remote. You can find affordable ones on Amazon.

4. Use natural lighting to your advantage.

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Natural lighting is flattering and best of! You can get beautiful photos without fancy studio equipment. Set your camera mode to Manual and play around. If your camera doesn't have a Manual mode, try the No Flash mode.

Position yourself near a window but be careful of direct sunlight. Harsh lighting can wash you out and make you squint. Test this out during different times of the day and windows, to see which works best!


5. Variation of photos creates interest and adds depth.

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When you're photographing your clothes, be sure to include closeups of details such as zippers, buttons or pockets. It will give your post a bit of dimension and provide more information to your readers.

To create more interest, add some objects to the shot. Fake flowers, jewelry and cosmetics work well. Come up with a theme and tell a story.

6. Schedule posts.

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Most blogging platforms should allow you to schedule posts for a future date. This feature is great for busy bloggers. You can prepare posts for your hectic weeks, like final exams or holidays. This prevents you from scrambling around and posting up a rushed, sloppy post.

A constantly updated blog is more likely to gain a following, compared to a blog that updates every other month. Think about a realistic schedule and stick to it!

7. Tag your posts efficiently.

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Don't overload your tags with generic labels like: fashion, style, love, etc. There are thousands of other posts using the same tag, so your post will get lost in the crowd, especially if your blog is new.

Look for niche hashtags that directly relate to your content. You can also reference the brands, event or type of style. Examples: Valentino, NYFW, pastelgoth, etc. For Instagram, it is recommended to not go over 5 hashtags. Don't go overboard if the tags are public because users will get annoyed!

Remember that inserting a space between words will separate the tag.

#tiffanyandco [Yes!]

#tiffany and co [No! It will count "tiffany" "and" "co" as individual tags]

8. Keep an idea jar or journal.

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Some days our brainstorming session can last for hours but writers block is a common occurrence. Keep a list of ideas in a jar, journal or even a Google Doc. Whenever a new idea pops up, write it down and save it for another day, even if you don't think you can achieve it now.

To keep your creativity flowing, be sure to immerse yourself in art, literature or pop culture. Watch a documentary or fashion show. Go on Pinterest and create an inspiration board. Even taking a walk can do wonders!


9. Be active in the community!

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Blogging is all about the interaction between bloggers and readers. In addition to responding to your comments, be active on social media as well! Talk to your favorite bloggers on Twitter or leave an insightful comment on their blogs.

Don't leave a cookie cutter comment like "Awesome! Now check out my blog!". It's impersonal and does not add anything to the conversation. Pretend like you're talking to someone in person, what would you say?

If there are any opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers, take them! Collaborations are a great way to expand your network and develop relationships. Be professional and friendly online (even if you're shy in real life)!

10. Tiny details matter.

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Use a photo editing program to erase dust, blemishes and lint. Take a step back and look at your photo. If there are any distracting elements, photoshop them away! Taking this one extra step can help make your blog more visually appealing.

Some distracting elements include...

-random objects in the background (bottles of water, trash, etc.)

-unintentionally blurry areas

-mysterious brown or grey spots

11. Practice writing as much as you can.

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Even if your blog focuses heavily on photography, improving your writing skills is still beneficial. People who can properly express their voices reach a larger audience than those who can't. It will also help you write compelling copy for your social media or product reviews.

Tip: Be sure to format your wordy posts! No one wants to read through huge chunks of text. Use line and paragraph breaks whenever necessary.

12. Don't get hung up on expensive equipment.

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DSLR cameras are more affordable than before. Do your research and find out what camera will work best for your needs. Also don't be afraid to look at older models (remember newer doesn't necessarily mean better).

If you cannot afford an expensive camera, use what you can afford. Brush up on the basics like composition, Photoshop and color theory. A good picture is a good picture no matter what camera was used.

13. Love what you do.

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This is a clique tip that everyone always includes in their lists, but that doesn't make it any less true. It's incredibly important to be passionate especially if you want a successful blog. Success doesn't always mean millions of followers or sponsorship deals.

Blogging requires a lot of dedication and hard work. If you put in minimal effort, your results will show that you did. If you truly love something, your motivation will help push you forward.

The reality of this path is, you might only reach 10-15 people at a time. Focus on your content instead of your numbers. Impress those 10-15 viewers and turn them into long time readers.

Do you have any tips to add? What other questions are still lingering in your head? Post below!

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