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    Earlier this year upon releasing her EP "Lauren Alaina" aka LA. She spoke about one song on the EP in particular titled 'Road Less Traveled' and her process when coming out with that song. She opened up about how growing up she struggled with body issues, and bulimia. Saying in an interview with “I was really sick. I don’t know that person – I can’t believe that was me.” as well as saying she just really wanted to be thin. Lauren Alaina, now; wants young girls to not go down the same road she did, with her new body positivity power country-pop tune. The song is so diverse and can range anywhere to people trying to knock you down, or you trying to knock yourself down. So if you haven't yet, you gotta check it out. Lets get this girls tune, viral.

    Road Less Traveled.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Lauren Alaina