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Earlier this year upon releasing her EP "Lauren Alaina" aka LA. She spoke about one song on the EP in particular titled 'Road Less Traveled' and her process when coming out with that song. She opened up about how growing up she struggled with body issues, and bulimia. Saying in an interview with “I was really sick. I don’t know that person – I can’t believe that was me.” as well as saying she just really wanted to be thin. Lauren Alaina, now; wants young girls to not go down the same road she did, with her new body positivity power country-pop tune. The song is so diverse and can range anywhere to people trying to knock you down, or you trying to knock yourself down. So if you haven't yet, you gotta check it out. Lets get this girls tune, viral.

Ailsa Almeida 3 years ago

What I Learned,

Being a graduate, coming out of an already competitive program. Going into the world of a competitive field, where you either make it or you don't. I realize that it is such a small world. Every corner you turn, there is someone else who is willing to push you out of the way and play dirty for their chance at a job, or the last aqua blue tank top in a size medium from the Marilyn collection at sears. We spend so much time, thinking about our destination that we often do forget about our whats next in the steps to get there. So we have college diploma, a university degree in whatever, but whats really next, now for jobs in media it’s a simple as just expanding your portfolio and making as many people as possible know your name and make connections, but what about the girl who didn’t get straight A’s at med school, but worked her f#cking ass off to do so. She never got that resident position as her application was rejected. Then there is that boy who is in his third year of Religious studies, what is he supposed to do, when graduates. It is something that you have an interest in continuing on enough to want to live that life, but is it enough. Sure you may be able to get a job at a museum but its not the dream you had at 9 years old, of traveling to different countries, and attending their religious ceremonies, and journaling it for historic purposes. We all have our dreams that we carry with us our whole life, but at some point. I want to know, when did we stop believing in ourselves enough to give us that drive to carry us through the fire, and flames and make those dreams happen. Let me tell you now, it isn't bad luck. Bad luck is loosing on a two dollar scratch ticket, and being out two bucks. What happened is, that first time you got the mark on that essay or project or quiz, that you worked so hard on to get a good grade on, it isn’t what you expected or wanted. You may say, that you just brushed it off, but deep down, underneath it all. In a way you don’t even realize it did, you just started deteriorating all the hard work you put in, because you believed that if that didn’t get the grade it should, why bother at all. Life is funny like that, one morning you wake up with a S.O and good grades, the next day you wake up to an empty apartment, struggling to pay the rent asking yourself why you haven't made it already. It isn't funny at all when you think about it. I think that maybe just maybe, its time that you, get off your ass, walk out that apartment door in a suburb of wherever, tell that part time minimum wage job, you are taking a vacation, leave of absense, or whatever. Take a nice long road trip or go to Bora Bora, whatever floats your boat. Go and rediscover yourself, because sometimes you have to loose yourself before you find yourself and find who you are gonna be. Life is too damn short, so are you gonna live it the way the nine year old you wanted and go and chase life, or are you going to wait for opportunity to come to you. The choice is yours. So whats next?

Ailsa Almeida 4 years ago