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12 Signs You Were In An A Capella Group

Here are some dead giveaways that you are aca-awesome and once belonged to the holy grail of musical groups in either high school or college (or both…like a boss).

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1. Your current go-to karaoke jam was also your solo.


No one does it better than you. That's a fact. And although it doesn't sound as good because karaoke tracks sound like Kidz Bop, you still bring down the house.

2. When you hear a song, you can't fight the natural urge to sing the harmony instead of the melody.


You aren't bothered when people wonder why you "aren't singing it right." They're obviously talentless.

3. When The Sing-Off aired, you were essentially a fifth judge.

You also couldn't get enough of The Whiffenpoofs.

You also couldn't get enough of The Whiffenpoofs.

4. Speaking of judging, you know the powerful feeling of conducting auditions.


There are very few feelings more satisfying than being in charge of choosing new members. It's like your own personal first episode of American Idol.

5. And regardless of the high bar you set, there was always one weirdo who found their way into the group.


If you didn't automatically think of one specific person when you read this, then it was you. Aca-awkward.

6. You have inexplicable dance moves for many songs in your group's repertoire.


It's a conditioned response to snap, shake, bop, give spirit fingers, etc. Part of you hated it, but the fact that you're still busting a move whenever you hear one of those songs proves that a little bit of you ate that shit up.

7. You know that the group name can make you or break you.


You could go obvious, cutesy, or completely badass, but the truth is the groups with the puns have that little extra something special. Here are some of the greats*:

The Accafellas-Michigan State University

Chordially Yours-Boston University

The Clef Hangers-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Cleftomaniacs-The College of William & Mary

Deep Treble-Rutgers University

The Din & Tonics-Harvard University

Four Scores-Gettysburg College

Hawkapella-University of Hartford

*Clearly this is not an exhaustive list…the a capella puns are aca-mazing and endless.

8. You know what this is, and you know the person who holds it has great power and deserves your respect.

My precious.

My precious.

9. You've attempted to beat box.


And failed miserably. But it hasn't stopped you from trying again in the privacy of your own car…several times.

10. You were beyond jealous that you did not invent nor experience this majestic battle.


So many regrets...

11. You look forward to Christmas so you can hear Straight No Chaser on the radio.

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It is a universally known fact that combining Toto's Africa with The Twelve Days of Christmas was a capella gold.

12. There will always be the one that got away...


You will always have one song that you never got to perform as a group and it will eat you up inside. Forever.

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