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    10 Reasons Why Christian Boydo Is My Valentine

    Why I love my husband

    10. He is a crazy loyal Chiefs fan

    No matter how much they disappoint...

    9. He knows that a grilled steak is the way to my heart

    And he even makes me fish on the same grill his steak even though it "makes the steak smell yucky"

    8. He understands the talent of multitasking

    7. Peruvians know how adorable llamas are

    Isn't he cute!?

    6. No, seriously Christian, I want one!

    Isn't he adorable?!?!

    5. He knows what this shirt means

    He even lets me win sometimes!

    4. And this one....

    Winter is coming!!!

    3. We got married in awesome is that?!


    2. He is the foundation if this perfect little crazy Boydo family

    Are we not the cutest?!?!

    1. I love you Christian to the moon and back

    To infinity and beyond ! Happy Valentines Day!!!

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