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What It Is Like To Do A Walk Of Shame

So you went out last night, you had a little too much to drink, you met a guy and the beer goggles told you that he was Ryan Gosling.

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You wake you, look at the person next to you and you're like...

He doesn't look anything like Ryan Gosling!

So you put your clothes on as gracefully as possible

But you're still a little drunk so it doesn't go so well.

Then sneak out as gracefully as you can

On your way out you bump into his roommate

Who can't stop staring at your boobs

And you're like, 'yeah they're just tits.'

You make it out the door and realise that you don't have enough money for a cab

Plus you've ran out of battery on your phone

You just want to die

You don't feel so good

Then you start to feel sorry for yourself

You start to cry

Which makes you angry because you look like Kim Kardashian when you cry

You just want to go home

And get some sleep

So you decide to walk

You notice that people keep staring

Even Elena from the Vampire Diaries is like...

Because you look like this

But in your head you look like this

So you're like...

You look her up and down

You throw some stink in her direction

Then you walk away

Then you suddenly realise where you are

In fact you literally live round the corner

You run towards your front door

When you get there you're like...

Then the hangover kicks in

You get into bed

Then you tell yourself

Then next week you're like...

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