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Why I'm Dreaming Of Christmas In Majorca

I love travelling in general but this winter I've got such a hankering to be somewhere else!

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1. No Rain, Sleet or Snow

Nick Page / Via Flickr: nicksie2008

Okay, that last one may seem a bit anti-Christmas but when was the last time YOU saw any decent amount of the white stuff during the festive season? Majorca temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees even in January and there is very little rain. Sounds like the perfect contrast to Blighty to me!

2. Off Season Flights and Accommodation are Cheap!

Finishing Touch / Via[]=2&PropertyStyleID[]=2

Demand for travel during the winter months is considerably less than you'd see during the summer months. This translates into seriously affordable air fares (even if you're as broke as me) and impressive accommodation opportunities. Whether you're looking for a budget hotel or checking out potential Majorca villas to rent, you can literally save hundreds by travelling during the off-season.

3. (Relatively) Short Flight, Minimal Time Difference

Alexander Babashov / Via Flickr: babashov

Your milage may vary but the flight times to Majorca are pretty short if you live in the UK. Four hours? How far can you drive in four hours? Compared with my 34 hour trek to Australia, this is entirely welcome. Plus, if you're travelling during the winter season then every member of your family will want to make sure they can contact you during Crimbo. With only a single hour's time difference it's much easier to plot when you'll be able to call up Mum and your Grandparents to check they loved your gifts.

4. Off Season Means You Can Get Places to Yourself!

Kayleigh Herbertson / Via

Although Majorca obviously doesn't shut down during their off-season period, it's also very true that there will be a lot less people on those beautiful sandy beaches. Put in a little effort and you can pretend that this is *your* private beach.

5. Majorca Has Incredible Attractions All Year Round

Cristian Bortes / Via Flickr: bortescristian

Did you know that Majorca has prehistoric ruins? How about an incredible bar built right into a cliff face that lets you watch the sunset over the sea? The biggest appeals for this island aren't just to be found in the sunshine, there are markets and restaurants full of local favour and culture that you can visit all year round!

6. And Stunning Natural Beauty

bestfor / richard / Via Flickr: bestfor

Majorca is home to the Serra de Tramuntana, a beautiful mountain range that is also a World Heritage Site. You're not very likely to see snowfall (although snow does often occur for a few days each year) and you can enjoy an amazing trail across the mountain region.

7. Delightful People

Cristian Bortes / Via Flickr: bortescristian

Take the time to learn some Spanish before you venture to Majorca and you'll be rewarded with enthusiastic and helpful locals. Whilst some countries can be guilty of snobbish behavior when you attempt their language (including the English), people in Majorca are (in general) overjoyed to hear you try. You can start learning a new skill in the best way possible!

8. Kick Ass Seafood

Chris / Via Flickr: cr01

Continuing the tradition of island nations being terrifyingly good at sea food, Majorca has a few delicacies you won't want to miss out on. The picture above shows a meal of octopus, which might not be entirely to your tastes, but there's tons of seafood pasta and beautiful Mediterranean foods.

9. Escaping The "Holiday Traditions"

Bart / Via Flickr: cayusa

Want to get away from the over commercialisation of Christmas? Looks like you could use a retreat into another culture. I'm not suggesting that Majorca is free of Winter traditions but some will at least be different, which can also be refreshing!

10. And (Who Are We Kidding?) Maybe Escaping Your Family As Well

Pioneer Library System / Via Flickr: jsyk

Christmas is a time for family, so what do you do if your family stressed you out? Maybe you have a huge family or perhaps *every* *single* member of your family turns up every year until you don't feel as though you have space to breath.

Find out what Christmas means to you by kicking off and doing your own thing this year! Maybe it won't involve travelling abroad but I'd recommend testing the waters with some brand new traditions.

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