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The Seriously Awful Moments We All Face When Trying To Get Fit

Taking up a new sport or hobby? Get ready for some grief!

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When you have to face up to the truth rather than your fantasy

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Maybe I'll be naturally amazing! Maybe this is a skill I never knew I had before! Maybe I'll stick to it 5 times a week and..... aw crap.

When it's easy for them but impossible for you

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Your instructor can get into any of the work-out positions she's teaching like she was born into them. It looks so easy..... go ahead and try it yourself.

When you realise (for now) you're an outsider

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Everyone wants to join a gym that's the fitness equivalent of Cheers but you don't get to be part of the gang immediately. They don't know if you'll stick it out. So you get to smile awkwardly whilst everyone else enjoys deep seated camaraderie.

When someone cheerfully tells you "The first step is the hardest!"

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This is not true, the first step is not the hardest. It is merely a warm up for the horrors of step two and beyond. It gets much worse before it starts to get better.

Your own personal version of "fitness backlash"

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Oh, I was so good at the gym I can eat what I want now, where did this weight come from? I made myself look silly and now I never want to go back. I did it for a few weeks, now it's not as new and interesting as it was. People aren't praising me as much for going to the gym, it's becoming a normal thing for me now...

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