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How To Actually Keep Your University Accommodation Deposit

A new university year is upon us so here's some advice on keeping that £100 deposit when July rolls around.

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So, you've signed a tenancy agreement

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You're on your own now! Looking after a flat, or a shared house is no small task. Especially if you want that deposit of yours back.

Have some free advice about how to get that deposit back

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From someone who never managed it.

Before you do anything to your flat, picture yourself explaining it to your landlord if it goes wrong

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You might think twice before using your flimsy coffee table to change that light bulb.

Find out where the fuse box is

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Write it down, keep it on the fridge. It'll probably save you a lot of time in the future.

Keys are sticking? Don't force them!


Keys that don't work well are likely to be worn down through use, it doesn't necessarily mean the lock is defective. Check with other flatmates if their keys are also a pain and copy one that works better. If the lock is the problem then you need to get your landlord involved ASAP or you might find yourself locked out.

Get. A. Plunger.

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First rule of getting a plunger is you get a plunger before you need a plunger. A blocked toilet is the most embarrassing thing you might need to call a landlord regarding, see if you can sort it out yourself via this handy guide from the Art of Manliness.

Once a month, test all your doors and windows

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You know that shed out back? Or the garage that no one uses? Yeah... if the locks and hinges seize from lack of use then you get to pay for new ones! Doors and window mechanisms can get gunked up from all kinds of crap but Googling how to maintain them can save you a huge chunk of your deposit.

Put the paint down!

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Trying to cover scuffs and marks with paint at the end of the year is a bad idea. You'll never match the colour right and some nasty landlords will make you pay for a professional re-do.

Covert smoking and pets will kill your deposit

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If you're cool with that then that's fine but I don't know anyone who got away with it.

Give your flat the clean of its life when you leave

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There are so many sites that make this easier. Just Google cleaning hacks!

If you don't get your deposit back, find out why

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Too many landlords are depending on your lack of confidence to fight them over the money. If you have your tenancy agreement then they need to prove why they're keeping your deposit to cover repair/upkeep costs.

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