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12 Signs You're Most Definitely A Pluviophile

A lover of rain, pretty convenient if you live in the UK!

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1. You respond to the sound of rain in the same way pets do to treats.

Disney / Via

Back is suddenly straight and you look outside with hope that it just might be raining.

2. So you watch people squealing with curiosity.

Paramount Pictures / Via

What does getting wet really do to you that's so bad anyway?

3. You sometimes forget the details in your eagerness to be outside.

Studio Ghibli / Via

At some point in your life, you *will* forget that you're wearing a white outfit and black underwear.

4. You ask your friends to go for a walk "because it's raining!"

Warner Bros / Via

Many of them still get confused that you want to be *outside* when it's pouring with rain

5. At least one friend has learnt they can get you outside with the phrase "It's raining!"

Paramount Pictures / Via

Usually that mad outdoors person we all know. You just tricked me into going on a 5km hike!

6. People give you waterproof gifts.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Ooh! A new umbrella, a waterproof notebook and wellies! How thoughtful!

7. You've trained yourself to respond in a more conventional way to rain at school/work.

Warner Bros / Via

Or maybe you haven't. Screw conventions, rain makes me happy!

8. There is nothing more relaxing to you than the sound of rain.

Columbia / Via

Rain pouring down outside is the best accompaniment to a good night's sleep. Or a rainmaker app on your phone (I'd personally recommend SimplyRain)

9. You get to see the world when most people hurry on by.

Sony Pictures / Via

10. In fact, UK weather suits you just fine.

20th Century Fox / Via

I don't want to live anywhere else!

11. Sometimes the things you do in the rain make people wonder....

Grantray-Lawrence Animation / Via

It's hardly fair though, all those music videos in the rain looked like fun!

12. But you never regret it.

Manga Entertainment / Via

No matter what...

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