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    10 Videos You Should Watch To Prep For Super Fun Night

    Rebel Wilson's new show is heading to ABC come October 2nd. Here are 10 videos that will help you get really excited for the show.

    1. Super Fun Night Trailer

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    Obviously, let's start with the trailer.

    2. Thank God You're Here

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    Before Rebel came to America, she was big in Australia in the sketch comedy scene. Here is one of her performances on the improv show "Thank God You're Here."

    3. Bogan Pride

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    In Australia, Rebel had a series called Bogan Pride. It is a musical comedy about an endearing fugly who has to raise $10,000 for her mother's stomach stapling operation. Created and written by Rebel Wilson, this series gives great insight to her fantastic writing abilities.

    4. Interview on Craig Ferguson

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    Here is one of Rebel's first appearances on a talk show. This interview demonstrates her more sweet and vulnerable side which Conan hopes to showcase on "Super Fun Night".

    5. Interview on Conan

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    This interview with Conan shows how Rebel really cracks him up. Because of their chemistry, we can trust that they have worked well together creating the show.

    6. Something Better

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    Let's take a step back and recognize Kevin Bishop. He will be playing Rebel's love interest on "Super Fun Night". Nothing more enjoyable than watching him sing with Muppets.

    7. A Few Best Men

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    Now we should enjoy Rebel and Kevin working together in "A Few Best Men". Their chemistry is fantastic and is expected to continue on "Super Fun Night".

    8. Bargain!

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    Here we have a short film Rebel starred in back in 2009. Not only did she play an incredibly awkward girl taking advantage of a good situation, but she also won best actress at Tropfest.

    9. Pitch Perfect Alternate Take

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    And we can't even begin to talk about Rebel without mentioning her brilliant work as Fat Amy. Here is a great example of her improvisation skills.

    10. Struck By Lightning

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    If you haven't seen "Struck By Lightning" yet, please watch it as soon as you can. Rebel's character is so delightful and honest that after watching her, you will be begging for more. "Super Fun Night" will be a weekly blessing.

    11. Not Convinced?

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    If watching these videos haven't added to your Super Fun excitement, then you don't get Rebel Wilson.

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