19 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Miriam

Lessons learning from Miriam’s Daily Adventures webcomic.

1. Always take pleasure in the little things.

2. Make sure sentimentalism doesn’t get in the way of what’s important.

3. And although science can’t explain everything…

4. …and we all need our safety blankets…

5. You can always find the answers somewhere…

6. Sometimes it’s best to work with what we’ve already got.

7. …and demand straight answers

8. Cause the only option is total control.

9. So be direct about it

10. Cause it’s always good to have a plan

11. Cause life can be confusing at times

12. So be savvy with your social media

13. Always choose the eco-friendly option

14. …and never feel bad about only doing what you want.

15. Cause life is art

16. and honesty is the best policy

17. So when life is disappointing

18. …remember to have perspective.

19. …and if all else fails, have a drink.


All images are from Miriam’s Daily Adventures which updates monday to fridays at www.miriamkendrick.co.uk

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