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    • miriamg5

      #You just don’t get it, do you
      there are so many Palestinian and Jewish individuals, mothers, students, businessmen, trying to reach out to one another. These are the stories that truly need mention. And for commentators who have not lived in Israel for at least six months, your retaliation comments have no place here. Cannot believe how old I am—spent the 6 day war while at Hebrew U. Can still see from both sides now…
      only if all the rational voices were raised as loud as yours there would be a better outcome. Teaching hate towards Jews by Palestinian esp Hamas has no solution. Suggest you look at the stories of Syrian refugees who have fled to Israel, and what they found there. These war victims have nothing but praise for the humanity of the Israelis. Problem is Palestinian have been taught and drilled we have no humanity.
      Israel is a complicated country. If these parents can forgive, who are we to seek revenge?

    • miriamg5

      am stunned this would actually beadefense to ownership of women by men
      is thereareverse proposition
      1. Admonishing HIM ie. talking to HIM. Reason with HIM like the intellectual human being that HE is.
      2. Not sharingabed with him ie. cutting off sexual relations.
      3. Beat HIM lightly. This ‘beating’ (there is no lighter word for it in English) is to simply be the point where you clearly want to draw the line. It is NOT intended to injure HIM, much less almost kill HIM.
      Until Islam provides equal protection for women your observation is ironic at best, truthful at worst, and in no way presagesademocracy that includes women on an equal footing. Islam does not seem to have any idea thatawoman isahuman being, equal to her husband. Until such rights given to man are given to woman, your argument isasieve.

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