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Threat Level Midnight: Lois Lerner

Michael Scott is here to help guide you through the IRS debacle of illegal targeting of political groups the Obama Administration has found irritating.

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Obama just has one simple goal…

So Lois Lerner targeted influential conservative groups for IRS audits.

But she left behind an electronic trail. In a hurry she tried to get the IT people to make the problem magically go away.

But the news breaks the story and the public wants to know more. Now.

House Republicans call for hearings on the scandal. IRS officials testify under oath while Lerner pleads the fifth and stays silent.

Even Pelosi sent Democrats to join the investigation committee.

But generally the testimony brings forth no fruitful conversation on the IRS’ side.

So we asked Paul Ryan what he thought about all this...

Soon we learned of what the IRS claims they are technologically capable of… crashed hard drives, scratched discs, missing e-mails.

By now the public is getting an eerie feeling.

And as we learn more about how the IRS continues to attempt to cover up the Lois Lerner and numerous other employee’s e-mails, she’s getting nervous.

And the House isn’t buying any of it

So while the IRS continues its attempt to cover up the scandal, the picture has been painted quite vividly about their situation.

Because when it comes to illegal targeting of political groups, Obama’s pals at the IRS only have this to say:

So how long until the IRS defense openly turns into this?

Because Lois Lerner still probably thinks this

Despite also thinking this

So with the help of Michael Scott…

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