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    16 Kid-Friendly Breakfast & Lunch Ideas That Are Extremely Cute

    And for those who are still kids at heart!

    1. This Croissant Crab

    Make a peanut butter, jam-filled or ham croissant sandwich, then carve up cute little claws out of red peppers, strawberries, or apple slices. So cute!

    2. This "Monkey Bread"

    This is a darling spin on the usual peanut butter and bread combo. Sub in whole wheat bread for extra points!

    3. Ice Cream Pancakes

    To get that triangular cone shape, you can use a cookie cutter or even just a spoon to draw with the batter. Or, if all else fails, just cut up pancakes after you've made them!

    4. This Fruit Salad Bird

    This one's perfect if you're having a tough time getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies, because how could anyone not love that lil birdy?

    5. Animal Face Oatmeal

    Oatmeal doesn't have to be boring, and these little faces — constructed from cut-up fruit and a little bit of peanut butter — will do all the convincing.

    6. These Snail Sammies

    This option works well for breakfast and lunch sandwiches — add some lettuce "bedding" and carrot antennae, and you're in business!

    7. This Sunny-Side Up Skeleton

    A little ketchup and mustard goes a long way in making a sunny-side up egg very fun.

    8. Ham & Cheese Pirate Ships

    These tiny finger sandwiches are great for any occasion, and you can add in anything from cucumber slices to melon chunks to keep 'em fresh and nutritious!

    9. This Ladybug BLT

    Get the full recipe for this cute lil bug BLT here!

    10. This Sandwich Train

    Use a knife or kitchen scissors to cut out the shapes you need, and then tuck in lettuce or carrots as the train's "cargo."

    11. This Porcupine Sammie

    Another super creative way to dress up a ham and cheese sandwich, with the help of some strategically cut-up hot dogs and olives!

    12. This Banana Muffin Snail

    All you need for this is a muffin (or baked good of your choice), paired with a whole banana, some icing/jam, and rosemary sprigs.

    13. This Rabbit Breakfast Sandwich

    It's your basic egg-in-a-hole, but made extra endearing!

    14. (And this one, too!)

    If you're feeling REALLY ambitious, this open-faced egg sandwich is the way to absolutely flex on every other breakfast sandwich your kid's ever had.

    15. These Veggie Boats

    Instead of the usual veggies-and-dip after-school snack, make little cucumber boats with salsa or a roast veggie mix.

    16. And finally, this Doggy Sammie:

    Use white and whole wheat bread to achieve the perfect doggy effect here, and then high-five yourself for giving your kid the coolest lunch in the cafeteria, hands down.

    This post was translated from Spanish.