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    Here Are 15 Of The Freakiest Movies On Netflix Right Now

    Want to **not** sleep?

    1. Creep

    Blumhouse Productions

    What it's about: Aaron responds to a listing for a job that consists of recording some guy for a whole day in a remote place. Apparently, this mysterious person simply wants to leave a message for his soon-to-be-born son. However, his requests get weirder and weirder over the day, and Aaron realizes this guy is definitely NOT what he first seemed to be.

    2. When the Angels Sleep

    Áralan Films

    What it's about: During a work trip, a man loses control of his car and runs over a teenage girl. He'll do anything to keep his life from becoming destroyed by the consequences — like, literally anything.

    3. The Others

    Cruise-Wagner Productions

    What it's about: This horror classic is about Grace, a woman whose children all have a disease that prevents them from being directly exposed to light. Her daughter starts telling her that the house is haunted by ghosts, and that's when the horror begins.

    4. Gone Girl

    20th Century Fox

    What it's about: On his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick informs the policy that his wife Amy has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. There's no trace of her, and the detectives start to suspect Nick. However, Amy's diary reveals other clues about what REALLY happened.

    5. The Invitation (2015)

    Drafthouse Films

    What it's about: Will throws a dinner for his friends, and Eden, his ex-wife, shows up. But she's different now, and brings her new husband along after having disappeared without a trace. Things start to get TENSE, and it becomes apparent that no one's going to be leaving the dinner party any time soon.

    6. Inside

    Nostromos Pictures

    What it's about: A widow tries to move on from the tragic death of her husband and the partial loss of her hearing. Just as she's about to give birth all on her own, she receives a dreadful visit from a woman with awful intentions.

    7. The Witch

    Rooks Nest Entertainment

    What it's about: This movie takes place in New England in 1630, where a couple with five children live next to a dark forest that seems to be controlled by evil forces. When their newborn son disappears, the entire family becomes suspicious of one another.

    8. Cube

    Viacom Canada

    What it's about: This '90s gem is about six characters trapped in a single room where no one knows how to get out.

    9. Veronica


    What it's about: Veronica is a 15-year-old girl who tries to make contact with her dead father through a séance. Afterwards, she starts experiencing paranormal force that terrorize her house, her family and even her own body. Is it a demon? And if so, what does it want with her?

    10. The Fury of a Patient Man

    La Canica Films

    What it's about: Curro was sentenced to eight years in jail for being the getaway driver for a robbery. After his release, he wants to rebuild his life with his wife and kid, but then he meets José, a very twisted man who leads him down the dangerous path of revenge.

    11. Office

    Little Big Pictures

    What it's about: Kim is an employee at a large company. One day, he kills his whole family and disappears without a trace. A detective then has to come in and interview his co-workers, who are all very evasive and seem to be hiding something.

    12. Raw

    Petit Film

    What it's about: Justine is a strict vegetarian who begins attending the same university as her older sister. During the first days of class, new students get hazed — they're treated like animals, covered in blood, and forced to eat raw meat. At first, Justine refuses to try the meat, but, after she's bullied into it, it awakens a voracious hunger she can't satisfy.

    13. Cam

    Blumhouse Productions

    What it's about: Alice works as a cam girl from the comfort of her home and her career is on the rise, until one day she sees someone streaming on her account, and it's definitely not her.

    14. 1922


    What it's about: A farmer decides to murder his wife with the help of their son. Even though he pulls it off, her corpse begins to haunt him.

    15. Seven

    New Line Cinema

    What it's about: In this '90s movie, a pair of detectives tackle a series of murders committed by a psychopath who bases his crimes on the seven deadly sins. Inevitably, they find themselves entangled in a mystery that's full of very violent twists and turns.

    This post was translated from Spanish.