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18 Things Only True Cat Lovers Know To Be True

But really, how could you not love the most beautiful creatures in the whole universe??

1. Cats are not pets, but rather masters of their domain.

2. In fact, they make rules wherever they go.

3. A scratch is a tender demonstration of love.

4. This is what the photo gallery on your phone looks like.

5. Lint rollers have become an essential household item for you.

6. Boxes are the best. Period.

7. These beings make their own decisions. "Training" them is an impossible dream that people have tried and failed to attain for centuries.

8. You, when your cat falls asleep on your lap and you don't want to wake him/her, so you just stay there, unmoving, until you die of natural causes.

9. There's nothing worse than going on vacation and having to leave your BFF at home.

10. Its adorable paws are hands down the best thing nature ever created.

11. This is your cat's favorite activity.

12. Only cats are truly capable of sleeping anywhere they want.

13. Mice, however disgusting they may look, are like a lovely little gift for a kitten.

14. Do you think you're independent? Bitch, please.

15. It's normal to lose friends because they're allergic to cats.

16. When you have a kitty in the house, you don't need to go to the circus.

17. Toilet paper isn't actually for what we think. In reality, it is a toy.

18. And there is no better therapy than the little massages given by cats.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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