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4 Times I Expected My Life To Be Like A Movie

sometimes reality bites or does it..

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College Life: Movies

When I graduated high school I was thrilled to move out of my parents house. Ready to get that independence you're supposed to gain when you move out. Prepare for that grown up thing we call real life. I was entering into an alternate universe: parties, drinking, steamy sexual encounters, oh, and that thing called a career to prepare you for the real world.

College Life: Reality

Ok, so maybe the parties, drinking, and sexual encounters were somewhat accurate but it definitely wasn't as awesomely orgasmic as the movies portrayed. I'm talking to you Van Wilder & American Pie: Naked Mile. Majority of my college life turned into all nighters, library dates, and graduating with a caffeine addiction.

Living Independently: Movies

I know 'Friends' isn't a movie but c'mon now, let's be serious. Monica and Rachel could not afford that large, party holding, frenzy of an apartment in NYC with their job salaries. Also, they never even worked. I'm pretty sure 85% of that show was them sitting at Central Perk drinking coffee and the other 15% was spent between apartments, relationships (WE WERE ON A BREAK), and Ross explaining what a paleontologist does. (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE FRIENDS)

Living Independently: Reality

Out of college. Broke. Single. Yeah, you're either still living at home with your parents paying them rent or living in a somewhat shitty apartment that's 600 square feet with unpacked boxes all around you. Maybe you live with a roommate. A best friend *drama alert* or someone you found on Craig's List *weirdo alert*. Either way you might be screwed for the next 6 months or however long your lease is.

Working: Movies

For this one we can turn to The Devil Wears Prada. Not only does Andy land the job "a million girls would die to have" she also get's it quite easily. Living in one of the most competitive markets that exist (NYC), especially for fashion. Yes, there was some apprehension by Miranda to hire the "smart, fat girl," but it worked for Andy. She made a shit ton of connections and got a job she really wanted. The most truthful part in that movie is working for the devil.

Working: Reality

Ok, so let's face it. Trying to get hired for a job is hard work. It's a job in itself. Endless days of searching for companies that you think you are good enough for; yet being picky enough to turn the page at the ones you think you are too good for. Applying for 'entry level' jobs that then deny your resume because you don't have enough experience. Can someone say struggle bus. Then there is that moment you finally land a job. #HALLEJUER

Love: Movies

Alrighty, so who wants to call the bullshit on this one? Can we face the facts on this? All of Nicholas Spark's books are so illegitimately, unfathomable that I can't even. Don't get me wrong I can dig a good love story, chick flick every now and then. No, i'm not an anti love bully, but none of it's realistic! It becomes a fairytale that all women grow up to never find. From age three with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to age twenty-two and The Notebook. I believe in a thing called love, not fantasy.

Love: Reality

So, I'm not saying love or 'true' love doesn't exist. I'm just saying that the real world is not relatable to that. Relationships takes work. It doesn't come with ease and it sure as hell doesn't come over night. I think I will agree with Samantha on this one. You have to look out for you most of all. Love is part of life and so is loss and you shouldn't let either take control of who you are.

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