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Dress As Buffy's Musical Episode For Halloween

Love Buffy? Know every song from Once More With Feeling? Got a choir, a band or a group of friends who will sing on cue if bribed with alcohol? Then this is the halloween costume list for you!

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1. Buffy Summers - "Going Through The Motions"

Let's start with an easy one. Buffy's first song requires minimal effort. You can probably find a black leather jacket, grey vest and jeans in your closet, then just go for natural makeup and a necklace with a big cross. The only tricky thing to get hold of (just in case you don't want to commit to the peroxide bottle) is a blond wig.

Find a wooden stake for the big finish, throw out a handful of "vampire dust" then belt out that big note to make youself the life (after-life?) of the party.

2. Buffy, Giles, Willow, Tara, Xander & Anya - "I've Got A Theory"

This is the first big group number and includes Anya's "It Must Be Bunnies" solo so make the costumes convincing!

Xander (dark jumper and jeans) and Giles (blue shirt, black suit) are pretty simple to put together, and Tara and Willow are detailed below under their duet.

Buffy wears a white shirt and pink jeans for this scene, but accessorise with a black and white cameo necklace and tumbling curls. Anya combines a sequined butterfly top for a hint of 1980's rock with a pencil skirt and dangling bead earrings.

3. Willow & Tara - "Under Your Spell"

This one's a little trickier in the costume department since the dresses in the show are pretty unique. If people aren't sure who you are just start holding hands around the party, chanting in Latin and throwing glitter into the air, they'll get the idea!

For Tara, wear a floaty yellow skirt with a real corset if you can find one but otherwise a corset-style top is an easier option and stutter whenever anyone speaks to you.

For Willow, wear a bohemian dress in shades of pink and beige, and make sure to show off your red hair and freckles.

4. Xander & Anya - "I'll Never Tell"

This one's not for the faint of heart - not only do you have to be prepared to wear underwear out in public but you might need to learn to dance!

Xander simply needs blue pyjamas - go vintage satin to follow the show, choose cotton for a cheaper option or mix it up and follow the girl-girl route by switching genders and going for a little blue chemise.

If you have the nerve, go for bright red French knickers and a long-line lace bra for Anya with matching maribou slippers and your sexiest red lipstick. Alternatively, choose a chemise in the same shade or take a matching robe to cover up.

5. Buffy & Spike - "Rest In Peace"

This scene works best if reinacted in a cemetery but that is, obviously, optional.

Buffy can reuse the leather jacket from the first scene (although if you're going for detail, the first jacket was collarless and this one is more like a blazer) teamed with a knee length black skirt, a white lace vest for a hint of the girlish ingenue and ass kicking biker boots to make sure everyone knows who's boss.

For Spike, dig out your tightest black jeans, your biggest belt buckle and layer up a tight black t-shirt and red button-down to ward off the chill of the mausoleum you're living in.

6. Dawn & Sweet - "What You Feel"

Dawn's ballet with the henchmen involves wearing a blue sleeveless turtle neck, black capri pants, sensible black flats (go for dressier heels if you prefer, no one will blame you) and pretending you are Darcey Bussell. You'll also need to change into a floor length blue gown (a prom dress or evening dress would easily do for this) and make sure you find a nice silver and amber pendant to stand in for Sweet's talisman.

The demon Sweet is a trickier part since you can't take on this role without being prepared to tap dance throughout the night (banging 2 coconut shells together won't cut it). You'll also need to find 2 zoot suits in red and blue along with matching vintage shoes and arrange a magician-style quick change in a crowded room. For the makeup, you're on your own!

7. Giles & Buffy - "Standing"

The good news is, you're going to be super-comfortable playing Buffy! Dig out your scruffiest trainers, your velour track pants and get ready to hit some stuff in dramatic slow motion. If you want to inject some J-Lo glamour into this outfit just add hoop earrings and swap in heels instead of running shoes.

As usual, Giles' clothes are pretty standard - black trousers and a dark jumper. Borrow some glasses and routinely clean them with your hem while looking disapproving of the youth of today. If you're feeling ambitious, get hold of some (FAKE!) throwing knives and work out a routine with "Buffy" for your party trick.

8. Tara & Giles - "Wish I Could Stay"

This is only a short scene, with Giles wearing the same black trousers / dark sweater combo from the last number. The most important ingredient is his tortured expression while staring into the middle distance.

Tara goes for another unusual skirt (ankle length, brown, huge flower) but find a cute yellow jumper and a floral skirt and you can still include this number if you want to hit every song.

9. Buffy & Cast - "Walk Through The Fire" / "Something To Sing About" / "Where Do We Go"

This is the big cast song so if you can round up a group of people to get involved, now is the time! If they've already volunteered for earlier numbers half of them won't even need new costumes.

Buffy wears her 3rd leather jacket of the episode (if your collection is lacking, any long black coat will do fine) with a red cowl neck top and jeans underneath for the big reveal a little later. Go for curled hair and borrrow Anya's "I'll Never Tell" red lipstick to make an impact.

Anya wears a simple grey dress with a large red bangle and red earrings, but doesn't get a jacket. You could add some glamour with matching red heels and a more detailed dress.

Xander wears an unusual maple leaf shirt which may or may not be part of a bet. If your audience has been drinking since the opening number, you'll probably get away with a Hawaiian shirt and any tan leather jacket from the 1970's.

Willow wears what looks like a purple tie-dye dress with a feather collared cardigan. Remembering that every person in the room has a camera phone, why not indulge your eccentricity with a universe-print dress instead (gorgeous and easily available) and a jacket with a fake fur stole attached. Your Facebook feed will thank you.

Sweet stays in his blue zoot suit and vintage shoes (how you disappear in a puff of smoke at the end of your song is your own business).

Giles stays in his black trousers and dark sweater, but feel free to recreate the wizard outfit from the Magic Shop's opening day if you're feeling nostalgic.

Spike (red on black outfit plus long leather coat), Dawn (long blue dress) and Tara (yellow sweater outfit) keep the same costumes as their last scenes.

And you're done! All you need now is the full score and an orchestra (or maybe just the soundtrack CD to sing along to if you're feeling lazy) and the Best Group Costume prize is in the stylish yet affordable bag.

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