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    9 Slightly Horrific Facts That Will Make You Regret Ever Picking Your Nose

    It's time to stop digging.

    1. Nose pickers are more prone to nasal infections.

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    Bogies are just bits of dirt and dust that have congealed to stop bits from going straight up into your head.

    Sticking your fingers up your nose to pick out them out can leave your delicate, little nostrils open to all kinds of nasty bacterial infections.

    A study of over 250 people found that nose pickers were 53% more likely than non-pickers to carry Staphylococcus aureus, a type of germ that can cause all kinds of deeply gross infections, in their nasal passages. It can cause impetigo (a nasty skin condition), boils, and abscesses...which no doubt make nose-blowing a living hell.

    2. Nose picking can lead to a perforated septum.

    Your nostrils might be able to stand a lot of shit but they aren't as tough as you might think. A 53-year old-woman managed to puncture the soft tissue in her right nostril thanks to more than 40 years of incessant nose picking in that area. Yes, someone actually picked a hole through their nose wall. God help us all.

    3. Excessive picking can lead to nosebleeds.

    Tearing bits of died skin and mucus out of your nose can be painful and sometimes causes epistaxis, or nosebleeds. The vast majority of bleeds aren't serious but can be further aggravated by frequent nose-blowing. But that isn't always the case.

    One study of 200 teenagers found that 25% of subjects suffered from regular nosebleeds, with the average teen picking around four times a day.

    4. And in extreme cases, they can be fatal.

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    One man suffered such a huge nosebleed after picking his nose that he died as a result. An inquest into his death found that his nasal cavity was full of blood and concluded that excessive nose picking was the most likely cause of the bloody eruption.

    5. And of course, many nose pickers love a cheeky taste of their pickings.

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    The study on 200 teenagers went on to find that 4.5% enjoyed eating their nasal debris. Mmm, delicious.

    6. You're more likely to get a cold.

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    In general, it's best to avoid touching your face, because your eyes, nose, and mouth are all pretty sensitive. If you're touching bus polls, escalator rails, and door handles every day, the chances are that you're going to pick up someone else's germs. And if you then stick your fingers up your nose, it's like giving all those lovely cold bugs a free ride into your system. RIP you.

    7. It can be associated with other bodily habits.

    Nose pickers are more likely to bite their nails and skin, meaning they're at risk of a DOUBLE GERM WHAMMY.

    In a study of 1,000 people, scientists found that 91% picked their nose, with 25% also picking their cuticles, 20% picking at skin, 18% biting their fingernails, and 6% pulling their hair.

    8. Some nose pickers are prone to pulling out their nasal hairs too.

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    Some people can't confine themselves to picking out bits of dried snot and suffer from a kind of trachotillomania where they also rip out their nasal hairs.

    Pulling out your nose hair as part of a grooming regime is one thing but if it becomes a habit, it can leave your nasal passages open to yet more germs. Hairs are there to stop crap from inadvertently entering your if you pull out nature's germ barriers, you leave yourself open to a whole load of hell.

    9. And despite all this, over 90% of adults pick their noses.

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    If you thought it was a habit confined to dirty, little kids, you're mistaken. It turns out a whole load of us have sticky fingers – even royal heirs.

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