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27 Hair Struggles Every Mixed Race Girl Understands

"Oh, I have exactly the same hair as you...when I don't bother to tame it."

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4. Half of your head is made up of baby hair.

9. Which is annoying because straightening comes with its own, very real, dangers.

Mom: what's that's smell, is something burning ? Me: no mom, it's just my hair. ...mixed girl problems

10. On the odd occasion when it does stay straight, you can feel completely bald.

Where does it all go?!

11. When random people start pinging your curls, it's a struggle to keep it together.

"Omg your hair is so curly! Let me touch it!" Me: @mixdgrlproblems


13. The whole "sweeping it to the side" thing doesn't work. Your hair does what it wants.

14. People love telling you that you'd look great with ~longer~ hair.

15. Or saying that you'd look better with straight hair.


17. Sometime people ask why you don't have more afro hair or more straight hair, because everyone knows that all mixed-race people look ~exactly~ the same.

19. These people don't realise the traumas you've gone through to get to that point.

20. In fact, brushing it out is such hard work that sometimes you just give up.

In an ideal world, we'd all still have our mums doing it with a soft brush.


21. You've tried to tie it all up but God is always working against you.

Every time.

23. Which is partially thanks to your parents, who didn't have a clue what they were doing with your hair when you were little.

A pineapple since day 1.

24. These shampoo-to-conditioner ratios everyone complains about are nothing in comparison to yours.

my conditioners be like... but my shampoos be like...


25. You travel with a small arsenal of curl-protecting products, hydrants, and knot-detanglers.