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    21 Deliciously Warming West African Dishes You Should Be Eating This Winter

    November's Ghana be tasty.

    1. Jollof rice

    2. Puff puffs

    3. Cassava patties

    4. Kelewele and groundnuts

    5. Red red

    Charles Haynes / Flickr: haynes / Creative Commons

    This black-eyed-peas–based mush is as stodgy and comforting as it gets. Cooked in red palm oil and pepper, it's deceptively tasty – particularly the singed bits. Recipe here.

    6. Kenkey and sardines

    7. Potato greens plasas

    8. Superkanja

    9. Ewa aganyin sauce

    10. Meat pies

    11. Eddoe soup

    12. Corned beef stew

    13. Yoruba egusi soup

    This Nigerian stew uses melon seeds (although these probably could be substituted for squash or gourd seeds), as well as spinach, fish, and beans. Proof that in West Africa, nothing goes to waste. Recipe here.

    14. Thieboudienne

    15. Fufu and light soup.

    16. Banga stew

    17. Moi moi

    18. Nkatenkwen

    19. Asaro

    20. Efo riro

    21. Ogbono soup

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