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12 Easy Ways To Become An Urban Gardener

No yard? No problem! Anyone — yes, even an apartment dweller — can become a gardener in a few easy steps. And with any garden, start with the best: Miracle-Gro.

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2. Plan, plan, plan!


Plan a little before you shop for materials. Once you've thought about how much space and sunlight your garden will have, decide what (vegetables? flowers?) and how many plants you can fit in your space.

3. Pick containers that work for you.


Most urban gardening takes place on roofs and balconies and requires containers. Make sure yours have drainage holes in the bottom and are large enough for the roots to grow. And remember that porous materials dry out more quickly, so you'll need to water more often.

4. Fill those pots with good-quality potting mix or soil.


Make sure the soil is moist and don't pack it too tightly that water can't drain. You can even fill the bottom of the containers with stone to aid drainage.

6. If you can't spread out, go up!


Whether you attach pockets or baskets to a wall, a vertical garden is another great way to garden in a small space. Or try planting a vine on a latticed fence or wall.

8. If space and light aren't a problem, try your hand at an urban vegetable garden.

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Growing your own veggies is fun, cost effective, and supplies you with healthy food for an entire season. Most vegetable plants also need at least six hours of sunlight a day, so keep that in mind.

10. Don't forget to water — but not too much!


Balconies can get extremely hot, which means you'll need to water more than usual (and presumably carry the water from your sink in a watering can). Keep this in mind when selecting plants.

11. Grab some friends and start a community garden.

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If you have access to an empty lot or rooftop (and can secure permission to plant there), enlist your neighbors and community members to start a shared garden.