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Two Aspiring Urban Gardeners Tried Personal Gardening Challenges

Two different ladies. Two different outlooks on plant life. One challenge.

Concrete House Number Planters

Guests can’t miss your home with these succulent house numbers!

Upcycled Hanging Bottle Planters

The supplies for your next garden project might just be found in your recycling bin!

DIY Glow Terrarium

Your traditional terrarium has gotten a glow up.

Tell Us What Your Dream Garden Looks Like And We’ll Give You A Gardening Project

Do you want to grow colorful flowers or fresh veggies? Is your garden expansive, a small plot of earth, or indoors? With the My Garden app, your dream garden can become a reality.

Upcycled Herb Ladder

Repurpose that old ladder in your garage to create your very own herb garden! Check out the instructions for this, and other projects, in the My Garden app!

I Spent A Day Doing Gardening Therapy And Here's What I Learned

Can gardening help you be happier and more mindful? Find out for yourself with help from the My Garden app.

Mood Boosting Garden

Get into the right frame of mind with this simple DIY mood boosting garden! Step-by-step instructions are available in the My Garden app.

14 Pick-Up Lines Only A Gardener Can Use

And we didn't even touch "hoe"! Become the green-thumbed smooth talker you've always wanted to be with Miracle-Gro.

12 Photos That Prove NYC Is More Than An Urban Jungle

New York often gets a reputation for being an urban jungle of steel, glass, and concrete, but it's not so! New York is much greener than you might think. And make wherever you are a little more green with help from Miracle-Gro.

14 Hacks To Really Up Your Gardening Game This Spring

Garden on fleek. Anyone can get a great garden with Miracle-Gro.

12 Easy Ways To Become An Urban Gardener

No yard? No problem! Anyone — yes, even an apartment dweller — can become a gardener in a few easy steps. And with any garden, start with the best: Miracle-Gro.

11 Signs Your Office Plant Is Basically Your Baby

You know it deserves the best. Treat your office plant right with Miracle-Gro.

16 Insanely Delicious Recipes You Can Start In Your Garden Now

More like delish-es. Start your vegetable garden today with a little help from Miracle-Gro.

18 Things You Can Learn From The Most Famous Gardens In The World

Don't let these breathtaking gardens scare the crap out of you! Just because they're world famous, doesn't mean you can't learn from them. Get a start on your own garden with Miracle-Gro.