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Nifty's Official Gardening Tips In Partnership With Miracle-Gro®

Easy gardening tips for the entire family, brought to you by our Official Gardening Partner, Miracle-Gro®.

DIY Polymer Clay Planter

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Your plants are beautiful, so why not give them a beautiful home? Planters can get expensive; save a little dough by making this DIY polymer clay planter. Customize it to your liking. Your plants will love you for it.

Garden For Your Cat

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Want to get some plants both you and your fur baby will enjoy? Your cat will love these plants because they're fun to snack on. You'll love them because they're nontoxic and can even have some health benefits for your kitty!

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

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Love pizza? Designate a garden space perfect for growing your favorite pizza toppings!

How To Repot Plants

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Time for your plant baby to move into a new home. Learn how to repot your plants so they can get the most out of life.

I Turned My Space From Cluttered To Zen

Nifty / Via Facebook: officialgoodful

What's more satisfying than decluttering your space? Steal some tips from this video.

Easy Indoor Ladder Garden

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Don't let a blank wall go to waste. Jazz it up with this easy indoor ladder garden. It's the perfect way to broadcast to the world how good of a plant parent you are.

4 Ways To Make Your Own Planters

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Almost anything can become a planter! Get creative and make a unique planter that suits your personality and decor.

Upcycle Planters Into Self-Watering Gardens

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Go from being a plant killer to a green thumb with a self-watering planter you can make yourself!

Kiddie Pool Garden

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Designate a garden just for the kids with a kiddie pool and some fast-growing plants like leafy greens, baby carrots, or mint! Maybe your kids would actually eat their vegetables if they grew them themselves...

DIY Spilled Herb Garden

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You've got time on your hands — why not finally start growing some herbs? This planter tutorial is fun, easy, and it's the perfect way to upcycle any broken planters you may have!

Beginner Gardener Gift Basket

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Know an aspiring gardener? You can put this adorable gift basket together in a snap. They're gonna love it!

4 Family-Friendly Gardening Hacks

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Get the fam together to try these easy gardening hacks.

Easy Veggie Garden

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Want to grow your own vegetables at home? Learn how to set up your very own veggie garden in a snap!

Grow Your Own Essential Oil Garden

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Did you know you could grow your own essential oil garden? Get started with this tutorial.

Bar Cart Garden

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Have you ever looked at your bar cart and thought, Gee, I wish this had more plants on it? Here's everything you need to make your very own bar cart garden.

Maximalist Garden vs. Minimalist Garden

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Get indoor gardening tips that suit you, whatever your decor style is!

How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Happy

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Even the most notorious plant killers can have happy indoor plants with a few simple tips.

DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Stepping Stones

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You already have a lush yard that is enjoyed during the day. Now let it come to life at night! Use glow-in-the-dark paint and stencils to make a beautiful pathway that lights up at night and gives your outdoor space a magical, whimsical element.

Bathroom Oasis

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Turn your bathroom into your plant-filled oasis with a few tips from Miracle-Gro®.

Relaxation Space

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We all love our plants, but did you know that they could have a positive impact on your well-being? Create your own relaxation space featuring your fave plants and reap the benefits.

How To Grow A Bee-Friendly Garden

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Do something awesome for the environment and grow a bee-friendly garden. You get to grow beautiful flowers and help out some friendly pollinators in the process. It's a win-win!

DIY Mosaic Planters

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Upcycle some cinder blocks to make these beautiful planters. The perfect waste-free way to display your lovely plant babies.

DIY Watering Station For Bees & Butterflies

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This easy DIY project will not only make you feel good, but it will also make the pollinators love you even more! We'll show you how to make a watering station for your winged friends.

Upcycled Chair Planter

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This fun DIY project will turn a boring old chair into a cute statement piece! Learn how to turn a simple chair into something more.