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Concrete House Number Planters

Guests can’t miss your home with these succulent house numbers!


Concrete mix

Cardboard boxes

9¾-inch printed numbers


7-inch dowels

Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix soil

Gold moss


1. Gather cardboard from around your home!

2. Print your house-number digits 9¾-inch tall on paper. Cut out the numbers and use them to trace onto the cardboard.

3. Cut out the cardboard numbers along with 2½-inch tall strips of cardboard measured to the lengths of the number’s sides.

4. Tape these strips to the number cutout to create a mold of the number.

5. In a cardboard box, cut an opening in one of its sides and slide a dowel through, putting 3 inches of the dowel inside the box. This will be the bottom of the house number.

6. Prepare the concrete mix and pour enough into the box to cover the dowel.

7. Place the number mold into the concrete and continue pouring the mix around the number until the desired depth.

8. Let set overnight.

9. Peel all of the cardboard off the concrete house-number block.

10. Fill the number outline with Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix soil and gold moss.

11. Secure the numbers into your lawn using the dowels.