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    Can We Take A Moment To Remember The Perfection That Was NSYNC?

    Thank you. For everything.

    Feast your eyes on the beautiful men behind the greatest pop jams in the history of pop.

    Every song they touched was a hit and to this day "Dirty Pop" STILL gets any party to TURN UP.

    Their music videos were hella ~futuristic~ with cutting edge special effects that were way ahead of the game.

    They were insanely dreamy and endlessly serenaded their way into your heart like it was nothing.

    Their dance moves were so hot they practically impregnated you.

    Not to mention you still know every iconic step by heart because you spent your youth practicing this stuff.

    "Bye Bye Bye" was your breakup anthem. THE LYRICS WERE JUST SO EMPOWERING.

    They had impeccable style and rocked the shit out of any funky fresh outfit with confidence and swag.

    Whenever you needed a good cry, "This I Promise You" was there for you and literally spoke to your heart.

    Their lyrics always sounded like they were written specifically for you and only you.

    You’d be lying if you didn’t admit you deeply appreciated the hairstyle varieties they introduced you to.

    And you know there's no way in hell today's boy bands can pull off complex choreography like they did.

    They mastered the shit out of the dramatic music video smolder and made you feel like they were gazing directly into your soul.

    If you were into grown men matching and color-coordinating their outfits, NSYNC had you covered.

    You never knew the mesmerizing power of oversized jackets before these pop gods rocked them.

    And who knew a single hoop earring and frosted tips could sexually awaken your prepubescent self?

    Hell, even their holiday songs were straight FIRE and you still jam out to "Merry Christmas Happy Holidays."

    And who needs a calendar when you have NSYNC? THIS GODDAMN BOY BAND WAS EVERYTHING.

    It's impossible to ever thank NSYNC enough for blessing the world with their glorious presence.