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    23 Struggles Of Being An Extrovert Dating An Introvert

    Talking about feelings is so much fun.

    1. Attempting to read your S.O.'s emotions is like trying to solve the world's biggest mystery.

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    2. In the beginning, your extroversion was often mistaken for being high-maintenance.

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    3. It drives you crazy that they never want to have a heart-to-heart or talk things out when they're upset.

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    4. Your text conversations end up being pretty one-sided because they don't share your need for 24/7 updates.

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    5. Your shameless display of emotion totally weirds them out.

    6. When you start to ramble on and on about your ~feelings~ in public, they say you're causing a scene.

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    7. You feel the need to fill every silence with conversation.

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    8. Asking for your opinion is always a slippery slope because you're so brutally honest.

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    9. You have to ask about every single detail of their day because they're incapable of chatting on their own.

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    10. As a result you're constantly reminded that you talk way too much...

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    11. ...and that you overshare.

    12. You always try to get them to let their guard down and be vulnerable for a change, but nothing works.

    13. You absolutely loathe alone time because every second away from your boo gives you separation anxiety.

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    14. You befriend strangers everywhere you go, which makes your S.O. feel like an awkward third wheel.

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    You can't help it, you just love to chat.

    15. You feel like a stage five clinger because you always initiate all of your plans.

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    16. You sob loudly throughout sentimental movies and get upset when they don't seem to feel a thing.

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    17. Sometimes you go through extremes just to get a rise out of them and see a tiny hint of emotion.

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    18. Your inability to let go of grudges and be passive like them leads to some pretty dumb arguments.

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    19. Dragging them to a party is always a challenge because they hate socializing and would much rather stay home.

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    20. You wish PDA didn't freak them out so much, because it's your favorite.

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    21. You feel insulted that they don't want to share their deepest, darkest secrets with you.

    22. You constantly crave an emotional connection deeper than the sea, but they just think you're being needy.

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    23. And even though there are days when you have doubts because you two are polar opposites...

    20th Century Fox / Via somehow manage to make it work.

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    Opposites attract, after all.

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