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20 Things All Single People Should Do On Valentine's Day

Who said this day can't be fun for everyone?

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1. Cry.

MTV Networks International / Via

2. Fade away into the darkness.

New Line Cinema / Via


3. Listen to Nickelback.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

4. Stare into space.

Charles M. Schulz / Via


5. Go to the DMV.

Sony Pictures Television Distribution / Via


6. Take the SATs.

MTV / Via

7. Wax your butthole.

Universal Pictures / Via


8. Play Solitaire.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

Other fun games include: Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and regular puzzles!

9. Pick your nose.

Fly on the Wall Productions / Via

Ain't nothing wrong with digging for gold.

10. Chop some onions.


Don't let Shakira hog all the fun.

11. File your taxes.

VH1 / Via

Woohoo! Taxes!

12. Call your ex.


Hi, Satan. How have you been?

13. Write in your diary.

State Farm Insurance / Via

You hear that? It's the sound of the world's smallest violin.

14. Listen to Sam Smith with the lights off.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Pure. Joy.

15. Crochet.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

Who needs love when you can crochet?!

16. Join Farmers Only.

Universal Pictures / Via

Nothing like some good old rural romance!

17. Apply to be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

This is totally a valid option.

18. Report every Valentine's Day photo on Instagram as "inappropriate."

Warner Bros. Television / Via


19. Fart loudly.

VH1 / Via

Let it rip! You earned it!

20. Cry some more.

E! / Via

Be sure to hydrate after all those tears!

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