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20 Signs You're Proudly High Maintenance

People say "high maintenance" like it's a bad thing... SMDH.

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1. People are warned about your ways.

Bravo / Via

Yeah good luck with that.

2. You introduce yourself to people like:

Universal Music NZ Ltd / Via

That's Mrs. Queen Bee to you.

3. People like to say you're high maintenance as if you don't already know.

NBC / Via

No shit, Sherlock.

4. You have absolutely no shame.

Bravo / Via

Loud and proud!

5. You do NOT aim to please.

Bravo / Via

You do you, honey.

6. You always dress up like you're going to see your worst enemy.

Parkwood Entertainment / Via

Bow down, bitches.

7. Patience is a virtue you'd like to smack in the face.

20th Century Fox / Via

Your time is precious.

8. You're not afraid to be confrontational.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Gird your loins.

9. When haters talk sh*t about you, you take it as a compliment.

MTV / Via

Thanks for making me famous.

10. You ride that high horse like a boss.

YG Entertainment Inc / Via

And you're never getting off.

11. You view life as one big race to the top.

CBS / Via

Second place is NOT an option.

12. Waiting in line is not your thing.

Warner Bros. / Via

Neither is waiting in general.

13. You wouldn't be caught dead with chipped nails.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Mani pedis give you life.

14. You have a tendency to overreact.

NBC / Via

Lights, camera, action!

15. When people suggest you be more easy-going you refuse to lower your standards.

HBO / Via

Not happening.

16. You feel entitled to the finer things in life.

Paramount Pictures / Via


17. Haterade is your drink of choice.

Bravo / Via

Bottoms up!

18. Glamorous is your middle name. Music Group / A&M Records / Via

Most is your first. Ever is your last.

19. You've been this way since the womb.

Warner Bros. / Via


20. And you have no plans to change.

New Line Cinema / Via


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