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    • minnie03

      What’s truly tragic to me is that the majority of the comments on this post are focused mainly on the belief that the only reason this girl received any of this attention at all is because she is a “pretty, white girl”. The fact that this girl was a well-liked, successful college athlete only proves how much more shocking this story really is. I know that if this were to of happened to me, I would not receive this sort of attention. With that being said, I’m not a successful track star from UPenn that you would expect to be joyful and excited about life and her future. That is where the shock value and interest comes in and that is why Buzzfeed wrote this article. The fact that a random young, pretty white woman cannot bear tragedy and gain exposure for it without being ridiculed is sad to me. Our society needs to stop focusing on the color of anyone’s skin and truly on the content of who they are and how they live their life. With that being said, I’m sure Madison was a lovely young woman whose family and friends deserve all the respect and love in the world during this difficult time.

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